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Masafumi Oshiro Rim Bowl 6.5 inch

Masafumi Oshiro Rim Bowl 6.5 inch

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Product Description
Chinese herb has been painted in vivid cobalt blue and delicate lines.pity in OkinawaRimbowl.It is impressive to have a rare and glossy texture of texture and a glossy picture contrast.The color of the bottom with mud from Okinawa and 'Kucha' in Okinawa will add to the presence of the earth itself and its strength.It is also perfect for dishes such as udon (Japanese wheat noodle), boiled food, Okinawa soba (Japanese wheat noodles), and Rafuteh (Japanese cuisine of Okinawa).The eminence of the eminence is the recipe for the dishes to be done.

■Product Information
Size: φ Approximate 19.5cm x Height, 6 cm
Materials: Ceramics
specifications: microwave ovens, dishwasp, [not]
It's a bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of flavor and size.
No box

Introduction of the makers
He was producing sakame for storing Awamori, but from his thoughts on free expression by pottery, he opened his way as a ceramic expert.Paintings and materials reflected in Okinawa's attachment to Okinawa are the new elements that have been added to the traditional scaffold, and they are drawing a line.

*JOURNAL:Tsukumomori and Okinawa-no-Ai no Yakumin (The Love of Okinawa)
*JOURNALto nature, painting and metal.and look at all kinds of textures

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