What is Serendouce Crafts?


The mission is "creating encounters with Japanese crafts"

A project born from the traditional crafts coordination business of Pola Orbis Holdings.



Traditional crafts are connected to the region, culture, the environment, and people.

If you take the crafts in your life after receiving the creator's thoughts and backgrounds,

Not only as a tool, but also for life itself is the food and moisture of life.



Serendipity, a wonderful thing

Modern beauty that lives with craftsDouce

The desire to feel is included.



What is attractive, things that are caught in eyes,

If you follow the roots,

There are the technologies of traditional crafts and creators where Japanese aesthetics dwell.


Serendouce Crafts

We will create and convey new value with the creator.


And I hope that the challenge will be a baton to a "new tradition".