Challenge to make pottery a cooking gear for outdoor

Delivering the "vessel you really want" and living a rich life for everyone

The Aizen kiln in Hasami -cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, is a familiar tableware for everyday use, "Enrich the clothing, food and shelter of all people ="GOOD LIFEIs producing a unique pottery packed with the creator's commitment to the details.


"What we value in our own manufacturing is that the creators themselves feel fun and fun. Rather than simply making the ordered items without blurring, they really want to make. I want to make a shape and deliver a vessel with a thought one by one. I would like to propose a life that can be connected to people with a vessel and can make a more richer and smiling than now. "



Speaking of Hasamiyaki, simple Scandinavian design is popular, but the Aizen kiln's vessel has a wide range of unique series that is not bound by the frame.


"We are particular about the ingredients of the device. The bronze series, where you can enjoy a vintage feeling, was born by the compatibility of pottery and glaze so that all vessels have different textures depending on the fire of the kiln. Also, I was born from the desire to convey the scenes that use the vessel in an easy -to -understand manner and enjoy the meal.UtageIt is a series. It is a vessel where you can easily have a home party at home, and with a space with a margin, we are making ingenuity that makes everyday dishes look stylish. "


If you get the Aizen kiln's vessel filled with the thoughts of the craftsmen, it will bring a new experience that will create a smile on the table.


Challenge to make pottery a cooking gear for outdoor

Aizen kiln was born as a new challengeHIME(Heim) series.hiking(Hiking) andHomeAs the name of the series combined with (platform), clay pot skillet and ceramic grille have been developed as a ceramic cooking gear that can be used outdoors or at home.


"The first prototype was a small pottery clay pot made to cook with a wood stove at the president's home. Outdoor cooking gear is generally made of metal because it is important to crack. The reason why I make it with pottery is that I want you to eat something really delicious outdoors. All the employees of the indigo kilns like camping and barbecue, so they are ourselves. I actually made it many times and tried it, and finished it with a design that can be made delicious with any dish. "


The heat storage unique to the pottery can keep the cooked rice and keep the taste of the meat, and the taste of the meat can be improved, so that the taste of the meat can be improved, so that the taste of the meat can be adjusted to the favorite baking. 。 It seems that they pursue the shapes, thicknesses, and size that are hard to crack so that they can use pottery with confidence outside, so1If you use this gear frequently, you may be addicted to the ease of use, as well as the deliciousness of the meal outside, as well as the ease of use that can be washed with detergent and does not rust.


If you have each person, the dining table of the camp is lively!

In the outdoors that gather with friends, for yourselfHIMEIt is recommended to bring each item.


"The clay pot skillet is1If you bring one person, you can make different dishes for each, share and eat with friends. If you have a pottery grill, you can bake your favorite ingredients and adjust them to your favorite baking. "


Alone1It's just a compact size to cook, so of course solo camps1It is also useful as a tableware for living. It is a must -have for those who want to be particular about the deliciousness of meals anytime, anywhere.



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