Feel free to enjoy outdoors! At first glance! Select traditional crafts

Now that I can't enjoy traveling freely, I've heard words such as "solo camp" and "duo camping". Various generations are campingBBQIn the era of enjoying outdoors such as glamping.

From a full -fledged camp with a tent on your own, glamping to stay in a cottage,BBQThere are various ways to enjoy sea bathing, mountain climbing, fishing, but what is common is that it is open -air, maintaining a moderate sense of distance, and not only enjoying it individually, but also family and groups. Because it can be done, there is a sense of security that can take measures against infectious diseases. The main reason is that you can enjoy extraordinary life properly.


Why traditional crafts can be recommended for outdoors

When it comes to outdoor products, there are many overseas products, and although they are very functional, they are often made of plastic that is light and not broken due to its high functionality. 。

Certainly, it is convenient and functional, but there are also voices that want to be more particular, want to have their own items, and choose something that is familiar and gentle.

Did you know that traditional crafts, which have been inherited since ancient times, are actually very naturally blended in and fulfilling a rich slow life?

especiallySdgsFrom the perspective of, there are many materials that can be used for a long time, and the material is not plastic. In addition, even if the price is high, it can be used for a long time, and if you use it for a long time, the texture will come out more, and it is also good for traditional crafts to become more colorful and rich.

In addition, the outdoor items of traditional crafts, which have been inherited by the craftsman's individual technologies, have a compact size that is easy to use and have the advantage of being easy to carry.

In addition, the technology of traditional crafts is now increasingly commercialized for new genres due to new challenges. Each technology is created by a point of view that is easy to use and portable, simple but playful, and can produce a comfortable space in the camp. There are many. Why do not you incorporate traditional crafts into an outdoor life that has a great hobby and liking?

From now on, I will introduce what items are specifically.



 Outdoors are a good time from preparing!

For authentic camps, from tents to sleeping bags, lights, etc.BBQThen, there are many things that are surprisingly prepared outdoors, such as cooking utensils and dishes. However, it is a fun time to stick with each tool. The exaltation of finding the perfect item for you from a number of types is something that is not words.

Feel free to enjoy outdoors! At first glance! Select traditional crafts

First of all, one of the items you want to introduce is light. Considering spending time in nature, it is necessary to have a strong light that illuminates the whole side directly, but when you spend a relaxing time at night, it does not claim too much in nature and lights it softly. How about an oil lamp as if it were integrated with the landscape?


In particular, the oil lamp produced by the traditional crafts "Tsugaru Biidoro" is easy to carry because the rounded and rounded form is cute and palm -sized. Because it does not use electricity, it is perfect for using it at the camp destination, and it is a wonderful time to talk about nature in the light that lightly lit. Oil lamps are luxurious items that connect nature and people, which are indispensable for camping.


Feel free to enjoy outdoors! At first glance! Select traditional crafts

In addition, we also recommend a group fan that sends a gentle wind while feeling the outdoor wind and invites cool. If you are a "Mitsu Shibu fan", it is an excellent item recommended for outdoor scenes. By applying persimmon astringent to the fan, it will make Japanese paper durable and last longer, and will play the role of insect repellent effect. It has a natural insect repellent effect, so don't you think it's a perfect item for the outdoors?


 Feel free to enjoy outdoors! At first glance! Select traditional crafts

In addition, the special case of mosquito coils that can be used in everyday life can also excite the outdoor feeling. "" "Copper or brass"KiyuriThe more you use the mosquito coiled incense case, the more you use it, and you can enjoy changes in color and texture. It is very recommended because it has a beautiful decoration, so it can be used not only as a mosquito coil but also for returning home from the camp, as it can be used as a potpourri or a fragrance.


Feel free to enjoy outdoors! At first glance! Select traditional crafts

Finally, I would like to introduce the "Masu" of the Ohashi quantum. Mountain climbingBBQThe name is "Otomoshimas", which is a portable size, which is perfect for a picnic and other accompaniment. In a place rich in nature, you can get spring water with the scent of natural cypress, and you have alcohol brought. Because it has a strap, it can be hanging on a loop such as backpacks and pants, so it is also attractive that it can be used easily. It is a perfect item for a buddy that brings even more luxurious time.


In this way, traditional crafts have a lot of items that can be carried out with a minimum, have a functionality, and satisfy the choice of the selection and enjoy the outdoor scene. Please find a special gem and enjoy the outdoor scene.


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