Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

If you have a meal in the outdoor scene, such as camping, glamping, fishing, except for lunchBBQIs the main. The stomach is stimulated by the delicious smell of baking on a charcoal fire, the ingredients that are durable, and the meals that are not easy in everyday life. If you visit with your family, you can enjoy the cooking process, and if you visit in a group, you can make it while enjoying alcohol and tea, so you can spend various ways of time.



BBQNew traditional crafts gem on cooking utensils and tableware!

The classic BBQ cooking utensils are iron pots represented by Dutch ovens and skillets. However, there are some people who are hesitant to use, if care is indispensable and difficult to handle. OldBBQThe tools are certainly reasonable, but the other things are difficult to use, and in the present era, that's not the case.

It is a traditional crafts that plays one end. Functional cooking utensils that provide convenience, such as lightness that are not found in conventional cooking utensils and can be used in microwave ovens, and chopsticks and cups devised to make it easy to use outdoors are appearing one after another. In addition to that, it is produced with a focus on design, and it is a taste that is a taste that is used and loves the work. Here, we will introduce such recommended items.



Outdoors the clay pot!

Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

First of all, I would like to introduce a clay pot skillet and ceramic plate grill for outdoor pots that arranged a clay pot in a modern style of Aizen kiln, a pottery of Hasami ware. It can be used over an open fire, has a heat storage that is hard to cool down, and is light, so it is convenient to carry. ExactlyBBQIt is a perfect item. In addition, it can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, and it is a very convenient item, so it is a gem that you will want to use not only in outdoor scenes but also in everyday life.


Click here for clay pot skillet and ceramic grille here.

A new idea clay pot & ceramic plate with a "defeated" visited in the land of Hasami



Traditional crafts on cutlery

Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

There is a stylish "Artisan933" chopsticks that are like iron bugs (tools used when applying tents). This is a lacquered technique on the wooden axis and expresses the iron casting. It is very light because it is a wooden axis chopsticks. In addition, while the handle is familiar to the hand with a hexagonal shape, it becomes a round axis as it goes to the tip, and the tip has a non -slip texture. The best chopsticks for smart and playful outdoors.



The cup is the only favorite favorite

Similarly, a cup that makes use of the traditional crafts method of coloring it into copper and brass of "ARTISAN933" is also a recommended gem. The shape is similar to the outdoor cup of aluminum, but the colors made in various chemical reactions, such as bright blue, chic brown, and gorgeous gold, are exquisite, and just looking at them. But it is an item that makes you feel uplifted.



Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

In addition to "Artisan933", "Momenum Factory" also has copper cups and tumblers. Copper is especially good for the heat conductivity, and the cold drink is the best thing that adapts quickly to warm drinks.



Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

In addition, the mug and Inoguchi of "Nodate Mug" are also nice and wonderful gem. The feature is that it is light and easy to carry with lacquer applied to Tochigi. In addition, because it has a strap, it can be lowered from the neck as My Mag or My Inoguchi, so it is very convenient to take it out quickly when you want to use it. Depending on the size of the mug, you can use matcha, so it is recommended to taste it in nature while feeling the wind and air.



Warm, somewhere nostalgic wooden dishes

Enjoy the real pleasure of outdoors with traditional crafts

There are many works using wood in the workshop "flat rice", a female unit from Okinawa. Above all, the painted wooden dish is a very adorable gem. The bowl series that incorporates the edge of Okinawa's unique pattern and enamel is a perfect item for the outdoors. It has a pop atmosphere, as well as functionality such as light and easy to carry, so it looks very delicious when you serve dishes, and it feels very fun to eat outside.


In this way, there are many items in traditional crafts for more fun and more time to make outdoor scenes. The next time you go out, why not experience an outdoor experience surrounded by one favorite?



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