The work arrived from Koji Iki, Masafumi Oshiro, Takashi Suzuki, and Yumiko Kaneshiro.

It is news of the restocking of new works and popular works. We will deliver works that are perfect for the coming season when you want to seek warmth.


Koji Iki

Color use and sharp dye are available in beautiful dishes. It is a recommended size for serving a little dish. Table coordination is enhanced by combining with a multipurpose cup. Find your favorite design.


Masafumi Oshiro

The mug has been restocked. The individuality shines with the matte texture and powerful and sharp painting. It is a mug that will change to an elaborate space unique to Okinawa.


Takashi Suzuki

Mug and bowlRe -restocked. It is a beautiful work like an object with a glaze with ashes with orange branches and leaves.


 Yumiko Kaneshiro

Flat plate and colorful mini cupRe -restocked. In addition, a large warped bowl that adds a flower to the table is newly available. Would you like to incorporate a color that makes your feelings positive?


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