KIWAKOTO / Asada lacquerware crafts has arrived.

It arrived from Kiwakoto, a luxurious product with Kraftsman, which is proud of Kyoto, and Asada lacquerware crafts, which handles Yamanaka lacquerware, a traditional crafts in Ishikawa Prefecture.This is a perfect work for a cold winter table.



In addition to the "Sky" series, which has a beautiful white porcelain and a beautiful blue blue color, "Sky" series.light"And" Sat "has been added.

"Light" is a series with silver porcelain and silver, and is a beautiful dish with a glitter of light reflection depending on the lighting and viewing angle. Because of the calm design even in the glossy, you can match the dish without feeling difficult. On the other hand, the powerful and calm colors of the "soil" series reflect the color of the dishes neatly, and the dark color makes the table coordination high quality and stylish.



 Asada lacquerware crafts

"National Traditional Craftsmanship Exhibition of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Production Bureau Director", "Good Design Award "," ""An OMOTENASHI SELECTION Western Selections Awards such as "Western Awards". Among them, fragrance glasses that require more advanced technology are available. A glass that combines warmth and stylishness is a special toast with a special feeling. In the winter only, a cute bowl has a lovely shape with a round shape. Perfect for when the warm meals are more common.


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