With a history of over 240 years, Iwayado Tansu launched overseas through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Iwayado Tansu is a traditional craft that uses natural materials and long held crafting methods.

In collaboration with the ”Iwayado Tansu'' workshop, which boasts a 240-year history and is designated as a traditional craft by Iwate Prefecture, we create "small drawers'' and "pot holders'' using natural materials and Nanbu Ironware fittings.

Iwayado Tansu, or Iwayado drawers, are created in Iwate Prefecture and are designated as a National Traditional Handicraft by the Japanese government.

It is an exquisitely made piece of furniture that has a graceful design, and even if used in a high humidity climate, it will protect the items that are put inside. If kept and maintained well, it can be used for over 100 years.

Iwayado Tansu are made using natural Japanese zelkova and paulownia wood that has been chopped down in the surrounding mountains, and then painted with natural urushi lacquer that is derived from plants, and then fitted with beautiful traditional nanbu tekki metal fittings that are also made in the same region as the drawers.

With this project, we want to introduce people all over the world to the charms of the Iwayado Tansu while making a product that is easy for everyone to buy, in the form of a convenient but compact small set of drawers, or kohikidashi (小抽斗), as well as an essential piece of tableware a pot stand, or nabeshiki (鍋敷き).

Produced by the skilled craftsmen that work at Iwayado Tansu Co. Ltd., a company that has been around since 1782, these drawers and pot stand have been made with skills and tradition that have been passed down over the past 240 years, and made to fit today's modern home, with a high sense of design and functionality.


They are a unique elegant set of items that we hope will be convenient to your everyday life.


1.Project Launch: September 19th 2023

2.Project Ends: November 3rd

3.Project URL https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/serendouce-crafts/iwayado-tansu-traditional-made-drawers-and-pot-stand?ref=54mbu6

4.Leturn Lineup

・Full Set of Iwayado Tansu(Limited Color:Rosewood)

Small Box Of Drawers x1Limited Color:Rosewood

Small Box Of Drawers x2Limited Color:Rosewood

Small Box Of Drawers x3Limited Color:Rosewood

Pot StandLimited Color:Rosewood

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