Held on September 22nd to 25th, Yumiko Kaneshiro Planning Exhibition

"I feel the Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition Okinawa. Sango Blue's Utsuwataru"2022Year9Moon22From Sunday (Thursday)9Moon25Until Sunday (Sunday), it will be held in the event space of the Pola Ginza Building.

Exhibition summary ∥
Exhibition name: Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition feels Okinawa. Gango Blue container
Society:2022Year9Moon22Sunday (Thursday)- 9Moon25Sun (Sun)
Opening hours:11:00 - 19:00 25Sunday (Sun) only17:30Close  (Admission is closed30Before a minute)
Entrance fee: Free
Venue: 〒104-0061 Ginza, Chuo -ku, Tokyo1-7-7 Pola Ginza Building4FloorsG
Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza 1 -chome Station 7Immediately / Tokyo Metro Ginza Station A9Walk from the exit6Part


Overview ∥
Yumiko Kaneshiro is a ceramic artist who studied ceramics at Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts and then exhibited and installed a number of exhibits in Japan and Asian countries. Many people accept the scenery of Okinawan, such as a coral blue, plans with plants as a motif of plants, which is produced with the desire to leave the beautiful Okinawan sea. He is also working on art production and is also active in the art field.
In this exhibition, you can watch works that reflect the scenery and relaxation of Okinawa, focusing on the coral blue container, and the purchase of works that brighten your daily life and bring comfort. During the exhibition, we will hold a limited event and prepare Kinjo's corridor day so that you can enjoy it deeply.
→ See the limited event and the announcement of the corridor in detail
→ Apply for a limited event



Precautions associated with your visit ∥
* If there is a change in the exhibition outline,Serendouce CraftsofInstagram, I will inform you on the official website.
* Payment at the venue is only cashless payment (credit card / QR code).
* We will implement measures to prevent infection for the new colon virus infection, and will be held with consideration so that you can enjoy it with confidence. To prevent the spread of infection, please wear a mask before coming.

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