Overseas crowdfunding for 240-year-old Iwatani-do tansu-Kicstarter-The news of deployment

In collaboration with Kobo in "Iwayado-tansu," a traditional craft designated by Iwate Prefecture, the works of "Little Lotto" and "Nabashiki," which used natural materials and metal fittings of the Southern Iron Plants, are deployed on kickstarter, overseas crowdfunding and kickstarter.

"Iwatani Tansu" is a high-end piece of furniture that combines the features and elegance at the same time, as well as the ability to secure and politely protect the expropriation of goods, and the robustness that can be used for more than 100 years.The main body of the wood made of natural wood is painted with "lacquer," and is characterized by splendid decorations made by metal fittings of "Nanbu Tekki," which is a traditional craft in Iwate Prefecture.

This time, we will introduce a compact, convenient storage "small drawer" as a product that can be easily purchased while taking advantage of the attraction of the Iwayado-tansu, and "Nabashiki," which is essential for taburware.

The company was built in 1782, the company's founder, Iwatani-do Tansu Co., Ltd.Many of the working craftsmen are qualified to be certified traditional craftsmen.It has the weight of 240 years of tradition, but it is a "small drawer" and a "pan cover" of the Iwayado-tansu, which has a high design that matches modern housing.
I wish I had enjoyed my everyday life in which I could enjoy the convenience and beauty of my life.

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September 19, 2023-November 3, 2023

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(1) Small-and-and-z-to-to (3) full set (limited color: Rosewood)


The first and small lottery are the limited color: Rosewood >

Limited coloration: Rosewood-Wood Fat

The third and small dotto < Limited Color: Rosewood >

-Nabashiki (limited color) <: Rosewood >


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