Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition Limited Event Overview and Notice of Hai

"I feel the Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition Okinawa. Sango Blue's Utsuwataru"2022Year9Moon22From Sunday (Thursday)9Moon25Until Sunday (Sunday), it will be held in the event space of the Pola Ginza Building. During the exhibition, we will hold a limited event and prepare Kinjo's corridor day so that you can enjoy it deeply.


[Event 1] Let's make your own container!![Reservation system]

(1) A special event that allows you to create your favorite plants pattern container, a service that puts your favorite words in the coral blue container. You can talk with Mr. Kaneshiro carefully and make your own container. Groups can participate in friends and family.

Date:9Moon22Sunday (Thursday)14:0015:00、 9Moon23Sun (Fri) ・24Sunday (Saturday)11:00Excluding 15:00 * 12: 00-13: 00
Time required: Maximum50Part
Participation conditions: Work1Only those who purchase points can be reserved.
When participating in groups1Maximum per group4It will be a name.
How to apply: Please check the following contents before applying.
     → Apply for a limited event


[1] Put your favorite words in the representative coral blue container!

Notice of Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition Limited Event

You can select the work from the next container that is easy to use every day, and put your name and simple message on the back of the container.
■ You can choose
・ Corango blue rim dish 17cm (4,400 yen: tax included)/1point
・ Corango blue rim dish 23.5cm (9,350 yen: tax included)/1point
・ Coral Blue Serial (7,810 yen: tax included)/1point
* Included service charges

■ Notes
* Characters are only Roman letters and numbers.
* Long sentences may not be included.


[2] A popular plants pattern rim dish is your favorite!

Notice of Yumiko Kaneshiro Exhibition Limited Event

A rim dish with a plan pattern that can feel the art nature of Kinjo. You can select the design from the three, and the color can be selected from "Red, Blue, Sango Blue".

■ You can choose
・ Plan -rim dish 17cm 4,950 yen (tax included) / 1 point
・ Plan -rim dish 23.5cm 9,350 yen (tax included) / 1 point
* Included service charges



■ Event supplement

・ Only those who purchase one or more points for either [1] and [2] can apply. note that,You can also order multiple points.
・ You can order both [1] and [2].
・ In order to produce one by one after ordering, the product delivery guide will be 1.5 months after the order. If you have a lot of order scores, the delivery may be delayed.
・ Delivery fee 880 yen (including tax) will be charged separately. If you wish to deliver to multiple destinations, add it to one delivery destinationIt costs 880 yen (including tax).
・ Purchase price and shipping fee will be paid at the venue.
・ If you cancel after making a reservation, please contact the next destination.

・ Please do not participate for resale purposes.

[Event 2] Corridor (reservation is not required)

A corridor day is set up as a chance to enjoy communication with the creator.
In this exhibition, new works are also planned. Through the story with Mr. Kinjo, you can also know the work deeply.

 9Moon22Sunday (Thursday) 15:0019:00
September23Sunday (Friday) 15:0019:00
September24Sunday (Saturday) 15:0016:30

Precautions associated with your visit ∥
* If there is a change in the exhibition outline,Serendouce CraftsofInstagram, I will inform you on the official website.
* Payment at the venue is only cashless payment (credit card / QR code).
* We will implement measures to prevent infection for the new colon virus infection, and will be held with consideration so that you can enjoy it with confidence. To prevent the spread of infection, please wear a mask before coming.
* If it is crowded during the corridor of Mr. Kinjo, we will provide time to talk.

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