Notice of Serendouce Crafts Official Online Exhibition

It is Serendouce Crafts that proposes modern beauty and comfort living with traditional crafts.


Following the pop -up store in collaboration with POLA GINZA, this time we will guide you to the Serendouce Crafts Online exhibition.


Theme: "Meet Okinawan crafts" -Colorful and expressive. Fashionable Okinawa Yachimun's Utsuwa ~

Period: April 26, 2022 -June 12, 2022



Four studies I met around Okinawa. You will be fascinated by the beautiful and natural style that feels the nature and climate of Okinawa.

Despite being in the same place called Okinawa, the background and feelings of the creator vary widely. That is the source of a unique work.

Please enjoy a number of works that express "individuality" using modern designs and Okinawan materials that are easy to match any dining table regardless of Japanese and Westerners.


 Exhibited work: Iguchi Kobo, Ichisui Kiln, Oshiro Kobo, flat rice


* POLA GINZA will also exhibit and sell works created by each writer in limited quantities. Please drop in when you come to Ginza.

*Handling with POLA GINZA will be until June 12




Serendouce Crafts proposes modern beauty and comfort living with traditional Japanese crafts.
You can also see the work from Instagram.

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