Announcement of Makuake, a crowdfunding project that conveys the beauty of the traditional Nishijin textile technique “Hikihaku”

SERENDOUCE CRAFTS proposes modern beauty and comfort while living with traditional crafts.


Nishijin Ori Hakuya "Rakugei Koubou" Together with the third generation Mr. Kohei Murata, we have created new works that express the beautiful four seasons of Japan in order to convey the beauty of the traditional technique "Hikibaku" to the world. will be developed through crowdfunding Makuake.

In order for you to experience the charm of Hikihaku on your daily dining table, Mr. Murata used his creativity and inspiration to express Japan's beautiful four seasons, which are inseparable from food, in the colors of the chopsticks.


(From left: spring, summer, autumn, winter designs


[Project release date]
March 16, 2023 - April 30, 2023


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・A set of chopsticks and chopstick rests that express the beauty of Japan's four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter)4 designs)
・We have plans that allow you to purchase from 1 to up to 4 pairs of chopsticks.
・Specifications Size: 23cm (shared for men and women)
・As an early purchase bonus, you will receive a Japanese paper coaster designed in collaboration with the four seasons designs on the chopsticks.

[Information about project start notification registration]
As early bird benefits, we are offering a limited number of sets that come with coasters made of Hikihaku and washi paper, as well as plans where you can receive discounts.


[Thoughts about this project]

When I visited Kyoto and saw Nishijin-ori Hikihaku, I was drawn to its beauty and moved by Murata's commitment to sublimating traditional techniques to modern life. It reflects Mr. Murata's challenge and his strong desire to support Nishijin-ori in the future.

Together with changes in Japanese lifestylesAs there is a sense of crisis that wonderful crafts may be lost in the future due to a lack of successors to traditional techniques, this project is aimed at disseminating information about the delicacy, care, and beauty of Japanese traditional crafts. was launched.


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