Notice of gift campaign

[Serendouce Crafts Instagram Follow & Comment Present Campaign is being held! ]


Notice of gift campaign

Follow & comment on @serendouce_crafts.
If you have already been followed, or if you know Serendouce Crafts for the first time in this post, please apply.
In addition, from 2022.10.15 (Sat) to 2022.10.23 (Sun), "LAND SPACE Omotesando" will also introduce a "comfortable Japanese craft exhibition that touches five sensitivity" to introduce traditional crafts that stimulate sensitivity from all over the country. We look forward to your visit.

【Application period】
Wednesday, October 12, 2022 -Tuesday, October 25, 2022

【Application method】
STEP1: Follow Serendouce Crafts's official Instagram account (@serendouce_crafts_).

Step2: In the comments section, please comment on your favorite popular workshop (A, B, C) and what kind of product you want to see in the future. A total of three people each of the popular workshop selected by lottery will be presented to a total of three people each.

[Winning products]
A (photo above): Aizen kiln outdoor set
B (in the photo): Kunimoto Gate Kiln Coffee Set
C (Photo below): Nishiyama Tablewear Set

[Winning announcement]
After the campaign ends, we will notify you of the winning notification at Instagram DM in mid -November.

・ Those who are not open to the account or those who have been followed during the lottery will not be eligible for lottery.
・ The destination of the product will be limited to Japan.
・ The winning right shall be the winner, and cannot be transferred to a third party or redeemed.
・ Please note that products cannot be returned or exchanged.
・ If you cannot reply within 3 days from the winning notification, you will be invalid.
・ The personal information received is used only at the time of shipment and is not used for other purposes.

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