SERENDOUCECRAFTS x Kickstarter [Iwayado chest of drawers small drawer x pot holder project] ~About Iwayado chest of drawers~

240Iwayado Tansu, which boasts a long history, is a beautiful chest of drawers that is representative of traditional Japanese crafts.
Made using high-quality materials, delicate decoration, and traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen.
The chest of drawers is unique because of its practicality and rarity, each one having unique value.
It continues to captivate the hearts of many people.
this time,Kickstarter``Small drawer'' that is familiar and convenient for any household around the world.
We have launched a project to create trivets, which are essential for tableware.
This project will create an artistic creation based on the history and traditional techniques of Iwayado Tansu.
It will be an opportunity for people all over the world to understand beauty, and it will be used in everyday life.
I hope you can feel its charm. Please take a look.

*This is a translation of the narration.



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