SERENDOUCE CRAFTS × makuake [Nishijin Ori/Hikihaku Art x Chopsticks Project] ~Nishijin Ori's unique craftsmanship "Hikihaku Technique"~volume.1

“Hikihaku” gives Nishijin textile a gorgeous shine. The ``Hikihaku technique'', in which gold and silver leaves are pounded and woven into textiles, is a traditional technique unique to Nishijin-ori. In the Hikihaku Art x Chopsticks Project, we use this Hikihaku technique to color the surface of Japanese paper with colored lacquer or lacquer, and then add patterns to it. In addition to gold and silver leaf, we use a variety of materials and tools to create unique patterns.


Gorgeous Nishijin textileShipei Murata of Rakugei Kobo will teach you the traditional technique of Hikihaku, which is essential for brightness.I've borrowed it, so I'll make it public. Please take a look.



“Hikihaku” introduction videoVol.1


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