I asked Hirohira MURATA, an author of Nishijin Textile Mr. Kohei Murata, about the project.


Rakugei Kobo produced Hikihaku, one of the characteristics of Nishijin brocade, for many years in Kyoto's Nishijin (the western part of Kyoto).We still continue to support the technology that interwees the leaves of this foil, which is said to have been developed more than 1200 years ago.


" What I can do now is to convey the charm of Nishijin brocade while adhering to the culture of kimono.I hope that my challenge will become a new tradition and lead to vitalization of the whole production area."


I have spoken to you about the artwork project, with the attractiveness of hikomari, which I usually do not have to touch, and I have not been able to touch.



Artist Murata: Interview

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