Named vessel created by Suzu -yaki # Mutsumi Yamada

Suzu -yaki is a pottery made in Suzu, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture.14It is said that the century flourished enough to spread into a quarter of the Japanese archipelago. In the Warring States periodSuddenlyI disappeared,By the efforts of local residentsabout500After the year, it was recovered in the late Showa era,CurrentlyIshikawa is designated as a designated traditional craft.

The feature of Suzu ware is black gray baked pottery. By baking the soil of Suzu, which has a lot of iron, and firing carbonization for a long time at the end of the kiln, we aim to be black gray not only in the surface but also in the broken.


Serendouce CraftsThe work introduced is the "Tsukizide Cup and Plate" produced by Suzu -yaki Mutsumi Yamada.


Named vessel created by Suzu -yaki # Mutsumi Yamada


What kind of thoughts are included in the "moon mirror"?

Kagami Suigetsu "... You can see it with your eyes, but you can't pick it up.

 The appearance of the moon vessel is my mirror itself. In the given time and space, the desire to affirm it like a moon and be a straightforward thing.


If you pick up the moon mirror cup and plate, you will be able to convey the elegance of things that are not flashy. In addition, the thinness of the cup of the cup and the unevenness left on the surface of the vessel are transmitted to the hand, and as it is used, it is used. In addition, Suzu wareYou can enjoy the fantastic moonlit night from the design of white makeup while taking advantage of the black gray. It is a work where you can feel Mr. Yamada's feelings and personality.


Named vessel created by Suzu -yaki # Mutsumi Yamada




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