Yachimun who projects the nature and scene of Okinawa # Yumiko Kinjo

Yumiko Kaneshiro, who wanted to use pottery, textile, and dyes on a daily basis due to the influence of the architect's father. The significance of making ceramics in the land of Okinawa, Okinawa is a person who is worried about thinking about his personality, and spending his days working hard. It is easy to feel like saying "Okinawan people -like line" for the work I was making. I have an Okinawan sensitivity, and it is Okinawa -like in any soil. I thought. "


If you visit Kinjo's solo exhibition, you can do various works. Monotone works, astringent flavored works, shining works, plants with motifs, colorful works, etc. Where does the atmosphere of Okinawa be created by such a work come from?


Yachimun who projects the nature and scene of Okinawa # Yumiko Kinjo


 First, there is a rich color that reflects the scene of Okinawa. The opportunity to make a colorful work dates back from a friend who is a school teacher to take a ceramic class. At that time, the bright colors would be more happy with the bright colors than the cool glaze that I usually used, so when I prepared pink and yellow, the work that was accidentally completed was very fresh, and the current colorful painting. I am connected to the work.

The element that reflects the scene of Okinawa is not just coloring. The flowers and wildflowers in the garden are used as specific motifs. "Sagari Bana", which blooms at night and is called a phantom flower that is scattered in the morning, is one of my favorite flowers, and appears in the pattern of painting as a summer tradition in Okinawa. In addition, it is a work, such as "coral blue", which contains the desire to convey the beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa, which is raised by corals, and "Natsukage", which expresses the beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa, and "Natsukage", which expresses the strong sunlight and shadow shadow. Is packed with many Okinawan sensitivity.


Yachimun who projects the nature and scene of Okinawa # Yumiko Kinjo


 When asked about what is inspired in the work production, "Is it a anti -bone spirit that you have for yourself? (Laughs). There is a feeling that the brain rotates full. In addition, the desire to surprise and please people, and the desire to be surprised by myself is the ignition point of manufacturing. We also value the depression, worries, and stagnant time. Because it feels like a new wave and wind coming. "He said.

When we talked about a new production that combines coral blue and plants, the words of "I'll try it!" Why do not you touch the work that your strong thoughts and challenges create with your own sensitivity?


Yachimun who projects the nature and scene of Okinawa # Yumiko Kinjo



Yumiko Kaneshiro/yumiko Kinjo

Learn ceramics at Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts, and then in Japan, Various exhibitions and installations are performed in Asian countries. The powerful and delicate modeling that feels the nature of Okinawa, the colors illuminated by the strong sun, embodies "Yumiko Kaneshiro" and has gained a greater reputation.

1997 Completed the Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts Graduate School of Arts Graduate School of Ceramics
1997 -Solo exhibition / Okinawa, Kyoto, Osaka, Miyazaki
Group exhibition / domestic / Tokyo, Ibaraki, Kochi / Nagoya
2011 -Group exhibition ・ Overseas / Busan, Seoul, Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong



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