With the current sense of fashion, as a hint of lacquerware production #Kawaguchiya lacquerware store 87.5 Yasuyuki Sasaki

While taking over the traditional technique of Kagawa lacquer ware, we talked to Yasuyuki Sasaki, a Kawaguchi lacquerware store who makes casual lacquerware for everyday use.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop

With the current sense of fashion, as a hint of lacquerware production #Kawaguchiya lacquerware store 87.5 Yasuyuki Sasaki

The Kawaguchiya lacquerware store in Sanuki, Sanuki, Kagawa Prefecture is the first generation grandfather Muneo Sasaki.1946It is a lacquer workshop founded in the year. Kagawa Prefecture lacquerware1976It was designated as a national traditional crafts in the year, but the demand for lacquerware decreases due to changes in the lifestyle after the collapse of the bubble, and sales decrease to 1/5 of the peak.3Yasuyuki Sasaki, the generation, will try to change the current situation.2000I entered the family business in the year.
"I didn't want to break what my grandfather and father had continued, so after graduating from college, I decided to return to Kagawa and decided to take over my family business. I wanted to make something that young people of the same generation could use and use it. Otherwise, there was a sense of crisis that we could not continue the lacquer store. "
In 2016, the original brand "87.5(Hachijuna Natengo)], And we will start making lacquerware that suits your current life while faithfully inheriting the tradition of Kagawa lacquerware. The brand name is Shikoku.88Visiting87from88He was named because he was on the way to his turn. Sasaki's desire to "want people all over the country to know Kagawa lacquerware."


[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.
The same generation as myself3040Mr. Sasaki, who wants people to use lacquerware, says he often looks at fashion magazines and interior magazines to research the living room of the young generation.
"I sometimes go around a general store in Tokyo, and for a 1-2 months at the tableware exhibition.1I will participate. Sometimes you can see something different from your taste so that your sensitivity does not solidify. Being stimulated from various works and information has become motivated for manufacturing. "
Mr. Sasaki says that lacquerware and fashion have a common sense. "You can replace tableware like fashion, just like choosing various clothes with daily coordination." We continue to research the current sense of fashion and the atmosphere of the times, so that one of the changing tableware changes lacquerware.


[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

With the current sense of fashion, as a hint of lacquerware production #Kawaguchiya lacquerware store 87.5 Yasuyuki Sasaki

The 87.5 concept is "A tool that makes you feel happy in your daily life. "is. The colorful cups and bowls that are fun to the eyes are created by inspired by the traditional Kagawa lacquer ware techniques called monopolism. By applying its own coloring, it gives a casual impression and colors everyday tables gorgeously.
"Lacquerware is not a difficult bowl, but is suitable for everyday use that is light and broken. Some people say," I feel that the dishes are a bit different when I use lacquerware. " If you use it, the image of lacquerware should change. "
It seems good to try it from a daily cutlery that Mr. Sasaki, who says, "I really want the people who want to make it, I really want."

[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future

With the current sense of fashion, as a hint of lacquerware production #Kawaguchiya lacquerware store 87.5 Yasuyuki Sasaki


Mr. Sasaki is worried that even the younger generation learns technology because he wants to be involved in making lacquerware, but there are few saucers ahead.
"The entire lacquer ware industry is becoming an endangered species. To inherit traditional technology and culture, it is essential to develop stable income in this job and human resource development of successors. But we are creating an environment to nurture young craftsmen in order to become the power. "
To the page of the fashion magazine that opened casually87.5Sasaki says that he wants to transmit his charm while supporting people involved in lacquerware to realize such a daily life with lacquerware.


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