In everyday life and outdoor scenes, real lacquerware is #nodate Masakuni Seki

In everyday life and outdoor scenes, real lacquerware

In Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture2010Nodate, a lacquerware brand born in the year, is the origin of the name, Noda, where you can enjoy tea outdoors. Where did the idea of ​​wanting to take out the lacquer ware with a strong image of art crafts and luxury items on the day of the Halle? Sekimi Institute of Technology, which develops brands3I would like to ask Mr. Masakuni Seki.

"My grandfather, the first generation, created the world's first lacquer" award shield "using Aizu -ji's technology, and still in Japan.TopAlthough it is used as a shield of class awards, not only the commendation souvenir but also lacquer technology has reached its sales peak in the Showa era, and has been in danger of disappearing since the Demand List of Heisei.3When I succeeded, I was driven by the desire to create a lacquer product that is required for my daily life in order to connect lacquer culture used since the Jomon period as the cornerstone of Japanese culture. I did it. "


Lacquerware is actually a material with various characteristics, and it seems that there are many characteristics for outdoor.


"First of all, it is a natural material that has the characteristics required for outdoor environments, such as being ultra -lightweight, not in cold water, hot water, no strong alkaline or strong acid, and killing germs. If you like it and use it in the forest, you wanted to be surrounded by natural materials than petrochemical materials and metals, so a nodate mug that took advantage of the characteristics of lacquerware was born. "


Lacquer, which has excellent heat resistance and antibacteriality, may be the best scene where the outdoors can maximize their charm.


Make a new theory of lacquerware while sticking to traditional technology and materials

In everyday life and outdoor scenes, real lacquerware #Nodate Seki Kuni

Nodate Mug is a lacquerware that is finished with the technique of "sliding lacquer" that shows the grain, and has an unprecedented lacquer ware with leather strings so that it is easy to carry. Because it is a form with a ball edge at the end, it is designed as if floating on the table with the visual effect of light hitting from the top.


In everyday life and outdoor scenes, real lacquerware #Nodate Seki Kuni

"Nodate Mug values ​​not only materials but also the handicrafts of craftsmen backed by traditional techniques. On top of that, incorporating modern needs has begun to create a new lacquer ware theory that will lead to the next generation."


Nodate's lacquer ware is a new update of the relationship between people and lacquerware while protecting the manufacturing site of Aizu, and the culture is left in the future.


Because it is a bowl born of the blessings of nature, let's go outside

In everyday life and outdoor scenes, real lacquerware #Nodate Seki Kuni

Nodate is often sold at outdoor festival venues, but we will ask you how to use it outdoors.


"As the name suggests, if you are a Nodate One, you should definitely enjoy the Matcha outside with the matcha. You can use curry and pasta, but you can use anything, but it's good. I don't want you to stick to it. If you use it aggressively, wash it, and repeat it, it will lead to how to play without garbage. "


Why don't you hang out in a backpack and use lacquerware casually in nature?



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