Encounter between Hakata songs and Hasamiyaki # Tomoya Nasuda

This time, we will introduce the work born by the fusion of two different technologies.


Hakata songsFukuoka Prefecture designatedTraditional crafts,Hasami ware is the Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryIt is a traditional crafts of Nagasaki prefecture.

As a Hakata song, a tool for living such as a lunch box is made using a technology that heats domestic cedars and bends, but the industry gradually declines.Currently, there are only a few remaining studio.


Encounter between Hakata songs and Hasamiyaki # Tomoya Nasuda


Meanwhile, for Hakata songsIt was Tomoya Nasuda who created the encounter of Hasami ware. He majored in the department of product design at high school and university, and after graduation, employed a home appliance manufacturer as a designer. After retirement, we have announced our own products while entrusting various tasks related to manufacturing, mainly design. I want to be involved in the work of the upstream process of manufacturing from the concept stage to the detailed design, not the surface -on -layer manufacturing involved in the design, so I learned the design skills through daily projects, and are now close to half of my work. Is becoming a job as an engineer.

I like the manufacturing site,After retiring from a home appliance manufacturer, Mr. Nasuda goes to various factories and studies regardless of genre. At that momentIn the Hakata song workshopMr. Tokugoro Shibata, who was also an intangible cultural property holder in Fukuoka City, learned how to make songs.With the trigger, we launch a project to revitalize the local industry.

It focuses on Hasami ware in order to take advantage of the characteristics of shape processing technology, the difficulty of communicating heat, and condensation, which are characteristic of Hakata songs.Hasami ware can mass -produce porcelain as the back is transparent when holding it over the light, and is characterized by the lightness and taste of the mouth when picked up, but it is easy to convey heat and drink hot drinks. I felt that there was an issue as a cup.


What was invented there isHakata songs are used with the design of "Haori" and used with Hasami ware.Haori Cup』。


Encounter between Hakata songs and Hasamiyaki # Tomoya Nasuda


Encounter between Hakata songs and Hasamiyaki # Tomoya Nasuda
You can also remove the holder


The modern designs designed using the skills of product designers, regardless of age and gender, have the beauty of the current lifestyle. Haori Cup in the cosmetic box is also ideal as a gift for a special person.


Encounter between Hakata songs and Hasamiyaki # Tomoya Nasuda


The capacity of HAORI CUP is about 180cc in the 7-8 minute. It is a free cup that can be used for various purposes such as hot tea and coffee, as well as barley tea and shochu. When hot hot water is poured, the heat is transmitted to the sleeve of the song, and it is possible to enjoy the scent of cedar. There are four colors of white, tea, green, and pink. You can choose your favorite color with the image of a drink.

 Hakata songsKnowing the technology and background of Hasami ware will make it even more tasty. Why don't you pick up Haori Cup and spend time relieved?




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