The world created by paper and lacquer # Takumi Koizumi

He has been studying lacquer work at universities after encountering lacquer work in art in high school. Currently, we are engaged in production activities as a writer with the hope that many people can convey the charm of lacquer.

"Lacquer work is attractive with the richness of expression. It is easy to think that the threshold is high, but there is also a playful lacquer called" changing paint ", so it can not only be stiff but also soft expressions." I will talk. Looking at the history, in the Edo period, the technique of lacquer called "changing paint" is used by expressing various patterns in the sword sheath, and the range of applications and expressions will be expanded depending on the idea of ​​the user. increase.


Therefore, the combination of Koizumi with lacquer is paper.

Feeling the possibility of paper materials that can create a variety of models by breaking the tasks that I was a college student, I started researching the main axis, a combination of lacquer art and paper, and continues to challenge. I am. The folds of the paper are sharp, and the impression of the modeling becomes sharp. On the other hand, if lacquer is applied further on the wood, organic nuances will be added and familiarity will come up, so the basic techniques of lacquer work, "How to wrap the ridgeline with lacquer," and the basic techniques of lacquer work. We research and experiments on paper materials used for the base without changing. From the trial and error, Koizumi's work allows you to feel the expression of the modeling and the tolerance of lacquer that is different from pottery.


The world created by paper and lacquer # Takumi Koizumi



Original plates and cups are light when you hold them in your hands that you can't imagine because of the solid texture, and it's also a charm that can be woven because it is paper and lacquer. In addition, the soft touch when picked up by paper itself or pottery is full of comfort.


He says that instead of destroying paper materials that will inevitably create margins at the time of cutting, they will consider their efforts from the SDGs perspective, such as being interested in works using the margins and recycled paper pulpes. Keep an eye on Koizumi's future production.


The world created by paper and lacquer # Takumi Koizumi


The world created by paper and lacquer # Takumi Koizumi

The lacquered lacquer with a rusty texture is calm and compatible with Japanese food.

It's a fun to get because the shadow of the folded dish is also broken. Why don't you spend time with sweets, sashimi and appetizers?



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