Spin the scenery, the sound of the sea breeze, and the feeling as you feel.

We talked to Shinya Takahata of Ichisui Kiln, who continues to make pottery with its own rich sensitivity, such as bright and colorful colors and original lines and patterns.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
Ichisui kiln in Yomitan Village in Okinawa Prefecture is located just off the road from the seaside. Occasionally the fragrance of the tide drifts
In the workshop, Shinya Takahata faces the soil and kiln fire and continues to make vessels.
When he was a young man, he went on a wandering journey to Southeast Asia such as India and Nepal, who wanted to feel something that could not be expressed in words. In Okinawa, which I stopped by in the middle of the route, I touched the gentle flow of time different from the city, and I intuitively fits my skin, and eventually start living in Okinawa.
"I thought it would be nice to have a coffee shop, and while looking for a delicious drinker, I liked the cups that remained the color and touch of the soil without glaze. It is handmade. I met a vessel. "
And I jump into the traditional Yachimun studio to make it myself. However, I was faced with too much harsh training every day. On the day I decided to stop and return, a large typhoon came and I couldn't move. In the days of facing the kiln with innocence, I eventually decided to make a primitive handicraft that has not changed since the Jomon period, using soil and fire to make vessels.

[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.

Spin the scenery, the sound of the sea breeze, and the feeling as you feel.

Mr. Takahata's work, who wants you to feel a happy and bright feeling, is full of various designs, such as colorful colors, bold lines, and delicate patterns. The vessels with different expressions from traditional Yachimin, how are they born?
"All experiences that have lived, such as memories and music of the journey so far, exist as nutrients in myself."
Stock notes, sketches, photos, etc. that wrote down past experiences. They are always in one corner of their heads, acting over time, and connecting them to nature, creating an image of a new work. Even though the design is designed, it often takes a long period of time before it becomes a work combined with the three -dimensional effect of the vessel.

[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

Spin the scenery, the sound of the sea breeze, and the feeling as you feel.

Mr. Takahata says his job is how to express creative elements that resonate with the heart rather than pursuing the ease of use of the vessel. At the time of the snail, you should be able to enjoy the excitement of the color, shapes, and motifs studded in the bowl.
"When you come back tired, you drink tea with your favorite bowl. I want you to feel a happy and happy time. You can put small items as a dish to cook. I want you to enjoy using it. "
Takahata -san's pleasure and happiness is born from the light sensation that "I want to always update my senses and change freely instead of sticking to traditions and formats."

[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future
Mr. Takahata learned pottery was a traditional Tsuboya ware workshop, so even though traditional techniques are based on the basics of work, "rather than protecting or inheriting traditional technology and culture. I hope it can be developed. " Such Okinawan vessels, where you can freely release your mind if you get it, will be created.


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