Possibility of tone that spreads in new challenges #Nanjo Kobo LINNE Kazuya Nanjo Yukiko Nanjo

We talked to Kazuya Nanjo, the next 7th generation of Nanjo Kobo, and his wife Yukiko, who are making and proposing an Orin that can be enjoyed freely in their daily lives.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
Since its establishment190Nanjo Kobo, which has a history of over the year, manufactures the gods of the gods of Buddha, such as "Sahari" by "Sahada" and the Gion Festival. 。
"After graduating from high school, I was a chef, so it was accidental to meet this job. I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the place, and I simply thought, "I want to do this job!". There is a Buddhist altar in my parents' house, so I heard it in the workshop because I was familiar with the sound of Orin. I was shocked to see if it was so different from the beauty of the tone. "(Kazuya)
Kazuya, who likes to make and create it, and wants to do something more satisfactory than desk work, starts working part -time in the workshop. He was prepared to make his life for a lifetime when he was married to Yukiko. "The fact that I was not willing to tradition may have been good to create a new possibility of Orin."
Due to changes in the living environment, as the opportunities to touch Buddhist altars and Buddhist utensils are reduced compared to the past, I want to enjoy the tone of Rin more familiar.2018New brand in the yearLINNEIs started and develops and proposes an Orin that can be used for free.


[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.
At the time of training as a Kyoto and Buddhist craftsman, Kazuya was focused on improving his skills to become a full -fledged person, and was not feeling more of the user, but now he has a great awareness. It seems to have changed.
LINNESince I started for the first time, I had more opportunities to talk to people who use Orin, and I realized that I was a "craftsman who made a tone", not a Buddhist. By not trapping in one world of Buddhist utensils, but also in contact with musicians, artists, yoga teachers, etc., we are expanding the possibility of tone while challenging Orin's new usage "(Kazuya).
The encounter with many people has led to the manufacturing of Nanjo -san, who is particular about the tone itself.


[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

Possibility of tone that spreads in new challenges #Nanjo Kobo LINNE Kazuya Nanjo Yukiko Nanjo

The general rhin is made of brass, but the LINNE Ori is a bronze called Sanori. Sami Ri, an alloy that contains a large amount of copper tin, is used in Shosoin's goods in the old days, and features a clear tone and sound.
"The compound ratio that increases the amount of tin to the limit is unique to the fifth generation, and cannot be made with ordinary casting technology, so we use a baked casting method made by burning firewood. I stick to the method because I want to create the aiming tone. "(Mr. Kazuya)
What is the unique tone pursued by Nanjo Kobo?
"I adjust the sound of" lean "straight, not" Wanwanwan ". I want you to know the fun of choosing an Orin with sound, and I want you to be healed by the sound you like every day. "(Kazuya)
According to Yukiko, Orin as a Buddhist tool is necessary when a person dies, and the deceased.

Possibility of tone that spreads in new challenges #Nanjo Kobo LINNE Kazuya Nanjo Yukiko Nanjo

It may be that many people have a limited and dark image of the use scene, such as those to create time to face each other, but when you want to prepare the meditation or your mind by focusing on the "sound" through LINNE. It seems that the use of positive use has increased. "I want you to enjoy a new tone that is not bound by the genre, and I want you to feel the original charm of the original," says Mrs. and Mrs. Nanjo.


[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future


Kazuya and Yukiko have clear what they want to challenge, and they are already starting to work.
"Because we can adjust the tone into one frequency depending on the traditional technique and material that we have inherited, we will further invest in the tone and pursue sounds that are easy to resonate with the body. We will challenge the creation that can be used for music therapy and meditation to prepare "(Mr. Kazuya)
Nanjo Kobo has changed with the times from the specialty workshop of the Naruto gods and Buddha to the workshop LINNE that delivers the tone.

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