#Kiwakoto Yu Yoshimura, who creates a new interpretation on the road, creates a new interpretation and leads to the next

We talked to Kiwakoto's director Yu Yoshimura, a director of Kiwakoto, which provides products and services that blend the highest traditional crafts into everyday life.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
KIWAKOTO, which started in 2018 based in Kyoto, is a brand that creates products and services that blend in the splendor of traditional Japanese traditional crafts in everyday life.
"The parent company, Matsushima Holdings, is a car dealer, and there are no people who have been involved in crafts among the launch members. It was born with the enthusiasm of the starting member, "The crafts are cool.
Crafts and studies, a brand partner, support Kiwakoto's manufacturing, not only for young creators but also for long -established stores that continue for generations.
"The mission is to design and propose what is handled by craftsmen and studio, which has supported Japanese culture mainly in Kyoto, and propose as a lifestyle. doing"
The brand name means "exceptional", as named from the word "Kikoto" in Japan, the best traditional crafts for everyday life, the usability and design that matches your daily life. We are creating the dropped items.


[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.

Mr. Yoshimura is given new value and interpretation to traditional crafts and delivered to modern people.SNSIt is said that they always try to touch new information, such as in the city and customers.
"There are a lot of learning from old and things, and we hear from older craftsmen," Why this kind of making? ", Talks from the host in the tea ceremony, and listening to the owners of the teahouse and the head of the Noh. There are also. I will unravel from books and museums, but on that road, the "people's story" that are now moving is added from the experience of that person, and unexpectedly, unexpectedly.AWhenBSometimes you can find the connection. "
"There are philosophy in crafts and traditional performing arts, and JapaneseDNAMr. Yoshimura, who feels that it is the core of forming, has a lot of contact with those who are on the road, and seems to be consciously working on talking.


[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

#Kiwakoto Yu Yoshimura, who creates a new interpretation on the road, creates a new interpretation and leads to the next

The tableware series, which is particularly aware of "daily use of traditional crafts," is attractive with a timeless design inspired by family crests.
"The design of the edge of the vessel expresses the consciousness of nature and the beauty of the shortage of nature, and dropped it into the figure as if a Japanese flower was drawn as a motif. If you make it in 3D manually, of course, a slight distortion will occur, creating a comfort that is not too well -organized. "
On the other hand, we are particular about the quality and price between "one point of the writer" and "a number of craftsmen".
"I will take a casting type from a vessel modeled by a craftsman, and to produce raw fabrics in mass production methods. After that, the craftsman will be in the process of shaving the bowl and the glaze process. We are building a system that can create quantities with a certain quality. "
The fact that crafts are loved for a long time in the wake of this tableware is that the creator, a craftsman and craftsman, has the opportunity for a stable job, and the spare effort into his future works and challenges. It also leads to creation.


[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future

#Kiwakoto Yu Yoshimura, who creates a new interpretation on the road, creates a new interpretation and leads to the next

Mr. Yoshimura says that Kiwakoto's initiative itself is a challenge to inherit traditional culture and technology.
"Our vision is to" extract and reorganize the value to be left and deliver it to the future. "I want to be more proud of the culture and traditional technology of the country. With modern sensitivity. When I look at the tradition again, I believe that KIWAKOTO providing customers through products and experiences will lead to inheritance, as it will lead to inheritance. "
Kiwakoto, which is regarded as "tradition has changed and survives in accordance with the air of the times," has delivered the next generation of tradition to our lives.

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