Yachimun that reflects the culture and history of Okinawa #Koji Iki

From Yachimun no Sato in Yomitan, set up a pottery studio in a slightly traveled place by carKoji Iki. You can overlook the sea and nature from the workshop, and the gallery is lined with art works from everyday works.The vague feeling of wanting to be manufactured from one day will trigger the pursuit of pottery. When I was a third -year high school student in Kyoto, I learned that Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts would be opened, and in the region, I went to the crafts department, because of the impressive impression of crafts.

Among the representative works, there are "Dyeing" and "Mintama" series. In the Ryukyu dynasty antiques, there is a vessel that shines a clear blue dyeing pattern on a beautiful white background as a metaphor, saying that Muneyoshi Yanagi was "white like an egg shell", and "dyed" is the era. It is a work that worked on reproduction.

"Mintama" is an arrangement of a container that had been burned in Okinawa in Okinawa in Okinawa in a kiln village called "Yuta ware" in the current wind. Because it looks like a highlight, it is named "Mintama", which means the centerpiece in Okinawa dialect.


Yachimun that reflects the culture and history of Okinawa #Koji Iki



When asked what was cherished as the creator of a pottery work, he told me as follows.

"Ryukyu is a land that is nurtured because it is a land, and there are things that are only born in this land. Okinawan potatoes are a spacious bowl, such as low center of gravity, round curvature, and stability of Yokomo. There is a “Okinawan shape” that is nurtured because it is not plasticity and is hard to shape, and it is important to make it honestly while being aware of it. Instead of making ceramics for the principle society, we are making things to projected our existence. As a daily beauty, a vessel that keeps the ingredients and the margin that shines the dishes, and a dialogue that can speak. I am conscious. "


Yachimun that reflects the culture and history of Okinawa #Koji Iki


In addition to modern beauty and comfort, by touching the culture and traditions cultivated in Okinawa, which Iki values, each work will be even more attractive.


Yachimun that reflects the culture and history of Okinawa #Koji Iki



Koji Iki/Kouji IKI

Creating works on the theme of nature and the earth, such as stratum, crustal movement, cliffs, walls, kitchen jars (urns), utaki, and fossils (scientifically baked soil is the same as fossils). The company aims to create a container that can be close to modern life with the theme of Okinawa's nature, climate, and history.

Born in Kyoto in 1966
1986 Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts opened. Enrolled as a first -generation student
1987 Learn from Minami Omine, who is a lifelong teacher
1991 End of research students with the same university
In 1991
1996 Pottery studio established
Developed a pottery from Okinawa's perspective. Lead to the present



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