With a neutral sensitivity, the climate and history of Okinawa are reflected in the bowl #Koji Iki

We talked to Koji Iki, a potter who aims to create a container that can be close to modern life, with the theme of Okinawa's nature, climate, and history.

[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
From Yachimun no Sato in Yomitan, Koji Iki has a pottery studio in a slightly traveled place by car. You can overlook the sea and nature from the workshop, and the gallery is lined with art works from everyday works.
Mr. Iki, who is from Kyoto, will go to Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts, which has just opened, with the desire to escape a city, which is becoming more like an ancient city due to the bubble. In the rural areas, the crafts had a great impression, so as you learn on the crafts department pottery course, your thoughts on manufacturing grew somewhere, and it will trigger the path of pottery.
Speaking of Okinawan potatoes, it is popular with the image of folk art, but Iki saw it when he was a student.16Wakutayaki of the century19It is said that the simple and powerful appearance of Okinawan -keni, such as the white makeup soil of the century, felt that this was his place. After graduating from university, he became a disciple in the workshop of Yomiyama Yaki and Kiyoshi Omine, who is also a teacher of his life, and later become independent. Since then, Mr. Iki's manufacturing has evolved every day with the theme of Okinawa's nature, climate, and history, with the theme of the air of the Ryukyu kingdom era, aiming for a vessel that can help modern life.

[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.
Iki, who goes back to the history of Okinawa until the dynasty, and continues to make a pottery while staring deeply, is it going to make the work?
"Are you trying to be neutral as a social, political and economical, as much as possible?
It seems that Iki -san's vessels are born from sharpening their sensibilities and pursuing their works.

[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

With a neutral sensitivity, the climate and history of Okinawa are reflected in the bowl #Koji Iki

In the Ryukyu dynasty antique, there is a vessel that shines a clear blue dyeing pattern on a beautiful white background that Muneyoshi Yanagi was "white like an egg shell", and one of Iki's masterpieces. The "Dyeing" series is a work that worked on reproduction of that era. Also"mintamaThe series is16A container baked in Okinawa before the century in a kiln village called "Yuta ware" was arranged in a modern style. The top hit that appears inside the vessel, the soil hitting the exposed part looks like a highlight, so the Okinawan dialect means the centerpiece.mintama] Was named.
"There are shapes that are nurtured because it is a land called Ryukyu, and something that is born only here. Okinawan potatoes are a relaxed vessel, such as the low center of gravity, the round of the curve, and the stability of Yokomo. There is a “Okinawan shape” that is nurtured because it is not plasticity and is hard to shape, and it is important to make it honestly while being aware of it. Instead of making ceramics for the principle society, we are making things to projected our existence. As a daily beauty, a vessel that keeps the ingredients and the margin that shines the dishes, and a dialogue that can speak. I am conscious of "
Modern beauty and comfort are added to the culture and traditions cultivated in Okinawa, which Iki values.1Dedicated1The works will be even more attractive.


[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future
Mr. Iki believes that pottery is inseparable from the roots of the land.
"I think that pottery has been inherited in history and climate, and I try to look at the modernity while valuing the uniqueness of the land. In the future, we will deepen the way of thinking. I want to make something that can only be expressed in this area. "
Iki's vessels, which combine the dignity of Okinawan pottery and the ease of use of modern life, are all condensed in the culture and history of Okinawa.


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