Yachimun that makes food and meals fun #Iguchi Kobo Haruharu Iguchi

The conversion from the graphic design is the driving force to pursue your own Yachimun.

The work of Iguchi Kobo in Yomitan Village, Okinawa is a simple and sharpened Yachimun created by potter Haruharu Iguchi.


Mr. Iguchi, who liked painting since childhood, went to the design department in high school, and at first he studied graphic design, so the university also wanted to be a design department.

During the preparation for the exam, I came across the work of Minoru Omine, a later teacher, made it a chance to change my course and go to the pottery path.


"Speaking of Okinawa, there are many decorations such as Tsuboya -yaki, and there are many pottery and patterns like decorations, and I was shocked by the freedom of the simplicity and color used by the teacher. So, I changed the destination of the university from the design department to the pottery department. "


Instead of aiming to be a potter to inherit the tradition, I felt strongly that I wanted to pursue my own Yachimun in the career of the shift from the graphic design road.


Taste the nuances of painting and the organic shape

One of the masterpieces, "O -kon," was a series with some alphabets as motifs. I think that the vividly connected cobalt blue ring represents "O (O)", and it is actually a series of "X (X)"! From the impression of the appearance, it came to be called "O crest" one day, and it became established.


The crest drawn rhythmically with freehand has a different expression of brushing momentum and shade of color. Mr. Iguchi says that the fact that all patterns are not all right is the fun of handicraft vessels.



Yachimun that makes food and meals fun #Iguchi Kobo Haruharu Iguchi


To enhance the color of cobalt blue like Okinawa, enhance the concentration of the glaze to the last minute. At first, the glaze foamed during the kiln -baked, and it seems that he repeatedly adjusted it many times before it became a satisfactory finish.


The shape of the vessel is made by focusing on making it uniformly according to the application used. All of them are the charm of Iguchi's simple vessel because of the taste of different paintings and the form of a neatly combined vessel.


Mr. Iguchi often becomes a design source of Okinawan plants, and is looking forward to finding new plants by walking in the Yanbaru forest on the main island of Okinawa or visiting a botanical garden.


"Even if you look at the flowers and plants outside the window, and the next hedge, everything will lead to the design."


Hibiscus flowers are reconstructed in Iguchi's head and created as a new design, rather than copying the hibiscus.



Yachimun that makes food and meals fun #Iguchi Kobo Haruharu Iguchi



The only vessel is to put a meal that has a life. The stage is "dining table"

The dining table is strongly conscious of Mr. Iguchi as a stage to spread the vessel. I think that food and vessels that are indispensable for living are inseparable. Going back to my memory, I had had my commitment since I was a part -time job in high school.


"I thought it would be nice to design a dish that looks beautiful without disturbing the dishes while serving a dish in the bowl."


Mr. Iguchi's vessel is a "vessel that shines in cooking", and the bowls in the hands of a bowl are as thin and are "light and easy to hold". It is full of compassion for the vessel user, who wants to please those who make cooking and feel comfortable eating and feeling comfortable.


Both his wife, Yui, who produces in the workshop, is also a hobby of cooking and eating, and before living in Okinawa, he traveled all over the country in search of a bowl to serve his own dishes.


"I want to be a dish with the main role of a meal. I don't want to be a good basis for my life, so I want you to have fun and eat it (Yuji)."


The bright expression of the people surrounding the meals, "I'm happy to have my own dishes cleanly," leads to the joy of making Iguchi's vessels. A device that looks good at the center of cooking and eating with a vessel. If there is such a vessel on the dining table, a casual meal time should be a more colorful and vivid experience. Why don't you find such a dish that you want to serve your own dishes?


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