Modern Arita ware that blends into a lifestyle #Ataphaseline Lab

When you hear Arita ware, some people may have the impression that it is difficult to incorporate into the usual table coordination with a classic design.

Arita ware"Koi Imari", "Kakiemon" and "Nabeshima Domain Kiln" are generally3It is classified into a style. In it1BeThe old Itomari style is a brocade hand (In a row) The techniques decorated with red and gold are used, and the gorgeous design is characteristic. History is very old, Hideyoshi ToyotomiKorean dispatchdid16Starting at the end of the century,400Represented Japan that lasts more than a yearIt is porcelain.

this time,Serendouce CraftsThe "Alitaposeline Lab" introduced by is founded1804It is a long -established pottery of Arita ware, which boasts the history of the year, and has inherited the traditional old -fashioned cruise style. "Alitaposeline Lab" has evolved Arita -yaki into a design that blends into the current lifestyle while protecting the tradition.JapanIn the seriesModern is expressed by changing the color scheme.


Modern Arita ware that blends into a lifestyle #Ataphaseline Lab


The "Rock Cup with the old Imari -sari flower crest" is a design that features an old Izumari -ri flower crest that is carefully painted by craftsmen one by one. From the same series, a small bowl and a square dish with platinums are also available, taking advantage of the skills of the brush winding. Because of its simple design, it will be used as a vessel that will catch the dishes! Because the square dish is a large -format dish, it is ideal for dining table with family and friends. If you get it with a set, the table coordination will further enhance.


Modern Arita ware that blends into a lifestyle #Ataphaseline Lab
Modern Arita ware that blends into a lifestyle #Ataphaseline Lab

・ Rock Cup old Imari flowering crest (left front)
・ Small bowl small rice bowl platinum (right front)
・ Salon plate (oversized) platinum (back)


How about adding a little "Japanese" essence to your daily life and enjoying a high -quality space?



Serendouce Crafts proposes modern beauty and comfort living with traditional Japanese crafts. You can also see the work from Instagram.

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