[Makuake Public Works No. 5] Collaboration with Foil and Washi


The coaster that collaborates with a four-season design with chopsticks is available for early buyers only.To make the most of the attractiveness of the coaster, Japanese paper has been selected as one of the Japanese traditional crafts.


The attractiveness of the persimmon

1 | Tekki washi washi (paper making) Japanese paper, handicrafts, and simple aescling style

 One sheet of Japanese paper coaster was polite.The coaster made of washi paper is thin and surprisingly light is the feature.In this place, the collection of the art of the art of music was fused and the collaboration of the traditional sum of the arts was realized.Like chopsticks, four kinds of spring, summer, and winter are used.Use a beautiful coaster, like a small canvas, in everyday life.



2 | High durability washi dyed in natural materials'Kakushishi' (Persimmon) 

[KICKSTARTER Public_Notices No. 5] Collab of Foil and Washi

In Japan, persimmon juice (persimmon oil), which contains a lot of tannin, has been used as a coating for the wisdom of life in ancient times.It is a natural material produced by fermenting and maturing green persimmons.By putting on the ultraviolet light, the color is thick, and it becomes a good polish finish.A deep expression that is born through the repetition of the persimmon process is a sense of kindness to calm down the mind.It also increases the durability that can be used repeatedly by increasing waterproofed and insecticide effects.


3\Production in Washi Kobo, which has a history of more than 300 years 

[KICKSTARTER Public_Notices No. 5] Collab of Foil and Washi

Washi paper production: 'Nao tezuki washi' in Saga Prefecture (Kyushu region)

The name 'Meio Sukiwashi' is not a kozo (kozo) used as a raw material for washi (Japanese paper), but the Kaji tree (also called Kazinoki), which was self-contained in the Noo area, is cultivated in its own home.It is characterized by the ability to make textiles more durable than kozo, because fibers are intertwoed between fibres and the fibers of fibres.

There were more than 100 wresters in this area, and only one of the Taniguchi families making this coaster is now in the area.We are still spinning the history to protect the traditional Japanese paper tradition.


Until the Japanese paper coaster was available.

[KICKSTARTER Public_Notices No. 5] Collab of Foil and Washi



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