[Makuake Public Special Feature No. 2] Everyday life enriched with chopsticks

Special chopsticks that you want at home.


Rosanjin Kitaoji, a famous Japanese gourmet, said, ``Utensils are the kimono of cooking.'' Tableware is like clothing that brings out the charm of the food and brightens it up. Each utensil that surrounds the table enriches the table and brings happiness to those invited. This kind of awareness is also connected to the spirit of "omotenashi" and can be said to be chopsticks that create hospitality.

It is said that the taste of a dish is influenced by its appearance. Being particular about the things around you, such as utensils and chopsticks, will enhance your mood and make your meal time more special than usual. For example, when you want to eat Japanese, Chinese, or Asian food in a high-quality atmosphere, celebrate with your family, or invite guests to entertain, you will be able to have a wonderful time with Rakugei Kobo's chopsticks. .


Everyday life is enriched with chopsticks and coasters

When you have a special meal with your family or invite friends over, the food on the table will likely be luxurious. Among them, these chopsticks have the same presence as the food and decorate the dining table. When combined with a plate with a simple design, the charm of chopsticks becomes even more appealing. You can enjoy different expressions depending on the light that shines through the chopsticks, such as by lighting candles. By adding the early bird coasters to your tableware, you will be able to further enhance the quality of your dining table. Also, when you take out Japanese or Asian food and eat it, just using these special chopsticks will make you feel luxurious.



Chopstick rests are used to prevent chopsticks from rolling, to keep the table clean, and to keep the area that goes into your mouth sanitary. Why not enjoy your table dinner using chopstick rests made from precious foil?


Coasters made from natural materials blend into any occasion. It measures approximately 9cm square and can hold tumblers, beer glasses, wine glasses, mugs, etc. When combined with transparent glass, you can enjoy the reflection of the foil on the bottom.



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