Production that is said to be "cool" for the younger generation #Momentum Factory Orii Koji Orii

Apply the colored coloring technology to create evolution of traditional crafts

Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, is a production area of ​​Takaoka copperware that has more than 400 years of history. MOMENTUM FACTORY ORII was founded in 1950 as "Orioi Coloring Shop" that colored Takaoka copperware in 1950, and now the third -generation Koji Orioi will challenge new products that apply traditional coloring technology. I am continuing.


Takaoka copperware is divided by the fact that the prototype, casting, finishing, coloring, and carving, and by the factors and craftsmen for each process. After the war, it sold like a brazier, and after that it was popular as a zodiac figurine and corporate souvenirs, but after the collapse of the bubble, the demand for products will drop sharply. Mr. Orio, who has a sense of crisis that does not come in colored work even if he waits, has begun to develop original products that can be manufactured and sold within the company.


"The casting that requires a mold is high in mold and it is difficult to produce a small amount, so I focused on copper plates that do not require a mold. Light and easy -to -process copper plates are not only small figurines, but also large figures and building materials. You can also make items. "


It seems that Orioi's background so far has been created to have a spirit of challenging new manufacturing while inheriting the tradition.


"I used to work in a computer in Tokyo, but I didn't want to lose my coloring work as a family business, so I returned to Takaoka at the age of 26. I haven't learned the technology, so I don't have a fixed concept and I don't have any expertise, so I think I was able to create a new product that applied traditional coloring technology. Eventually it will be a standard as the next traditional crafts. I want you to


It blends into modern life and makes things that are said to be "cool" for the younger generation.

Nowadays, there are many items that match modern life, such as clock dials, lighting, vase and tableware. All have a unique texture of the hardness unique to metals, the astringency and the deep colors, and have a quiet impact just there.

However, at the beginning of the development, it seems that it was extremely difficult to apply the inherited traditional coloring technology to a thin copper plate.


"Because there is a high temperature process in traditional coloring technology, copper plate can no longer be used. Therefore, it combines technologies such as chemicals and exquisite temperature changes to produce complex colors even at low temperatures. I have created it. I would like to make things that can be seen at a glance "cool!"

Production that is said to be "cool" for the younger generation #Momentum Factory Orii Koji Orii


Cold drinks are even colder! Taste a blissful cup outdoors

Production that is said to be "cool" for the younger generation #Momentum Factory Orii Koji Orii

Copper cups and tumblers are light and not cracked, so they are perfect for taking out the outdoors.


"If you put a cold beer in the kinkin, the cold will be transmitted directly to the hands holding the tumbler. One cup will feel more delicious as if you can taste the coldness with the whole body."


Why don't you spend such a luxurious time to work with your five senses to enjoy one cup of coldness?



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