Chopsticks with the expressive power of Nishijin weaving foil # Kohei Murata

Supporting Nishijin OriDo you know the traditional technique of "pulling foil"?

Driving foil has been around since ancient timesIt is one of the materials used in high -end products in Nishijin weave.It is a technique to enhance the woven pattern of the textile and gently enhance the gorgeous and three -dimensional effect.Colored with lacquerJapanese paperMade a pattern with a pattern with gold silver foil, etc., and at a cut shop specializing in cuttingCut it as thin as a thread.Unlike the yarn, the pulling foil has a face -to -side, hooked one by one on the spatula.Pull through the warp by pulling.It seems that the name of the foil was born from this operation.



Chopsticks with the expressive power of Nishijin weaving foil # Kohei Murata


It is Kohei Murata, a traditional craftsman, produces the driver, which is the name supporting role of Nishijinori. "I was also looking for potential in a new field under the influence of my father who challenged Nishijin Fori's driving foil technology to the world in a harsh environment surrounding Nishijin Ori. The obi of Nishijin weave is completed by more than 20 manufacturing processes, and it is completed by craftsmen who have advanced technology. We are inheritance and convey the essential part of the crafts. I think it can contribute. "


The biggest feature of foil is that it has a completely different expression depending on the light source and the viewing angle. "Goshikin Kishinhe", which overlaps up to five layers to give a depth and three -dimensional effect, is one of the typical dramatic foils that the complex workshop has inherited for the three generations and children. Even if the material changes and the technology evolves, the thoughts of the predecessors continue to dwell with the technologies that have been handed down in the production process, which is the essence of crafts.



Mr. Murata has expanded the possibility of driving foil and continues to challenge to become the next tradition. One of them is the production of chopsticks. The foil used for chopstick decorations is made in my grandfather's era. The foil, which has a chemical reaction of silver foil, has a unique texture and charm that has changed over time. Chopsticks produced by applying precious foils and five -colored gold techniques inherited from the predecessor bring beauty in the daily life of a dining table.

I am also particular about chopstick wood. Sakura octagonal chopsticks are made using cherry blossom trees in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, and are light. By being sharpened on the octagon, the corner is left on the chopstick tip, and it is characterized by ease of holding and ease of grasp. Iron wooden chopsticks are weighted and suitable for those who prefer solid and comfortable. The chopsticks cut into a moving shape are works that can more feel the charm of foil depending on the angle. Ebony octagonal chopsticks are made of valuable ebony and feature moderate weight and elegant texture. Chopsticks are indispensable for Japanese dining table. Would you like to find your favorite chopsticks and look at the charm of the driver's foil?






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