Creating a vessel that brings happiness is from the perspective of the user #Nishiyama

We talked to Hasami -yaki's pottery Nishiyama, which creates a brighter vessel that colors the dining table with abundant design variations.

[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
Hasamiyaki's pottery Nishiyama in Hasamicho, Higashisonogi -gun, Nagasaki Prefecture is Keio's first year (1865Founded in the year, its history150It is a long -established pottery that extends over the year. Currently5Mr. Seisei Ota, the representative, is the representative, and while taking over the tradition, he is always watching the changing lifestyle, and always aims to create a vessel that suits the sense of that era.
"Nishiyama is a pottery that has cherished the challenge of each working person. We have developed the dining table more happily with a vessel, cherish the gentleness that blends into everyday life, and have been developing new value. Female employees are actively working from color to shape with a closer perspective. "
Various design vessels that can be used casually while being high quality color the table gorgeously.


[2] What we value and commitment in the work production, what we want to convey through the work and what we want to fulfill

Creating a vessel that brings happiness is from the perspective of the user #Nishiyama

It is said that Nishiyama's manufacturing is supported by the desire to help us to make the lives of the users happy through vessels.
"Our motto is to make a vessel from the perspective of the users. We have a good time in the morning, a fun time in the morning, and warm in the evening so that you can feel a fun and comfortable table through the vessel. I decorated the dining table with a vessel that would give me. "
Nishiyama's vessels, from colorful things to simple texture and changes in color and glossy due to unevenness, have a lot of vessels that are close to the people who use it and scenes. From everyday dining tables to hospitality scenes, we are particular about the creation of vessels that bring a sense of security that wraps up and warms up.

[3] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future
Nishiyama, who has created a vessel from the customer's perspective and has been searching for new possibilities in the vessel, says that he will continue to aim for a vessel that suits that era.
"Hasami -yaki vessels have become widely known nationwide, and are very famous for the production of everyday use, but in particular, Nishiyama has introduced new kilns in recent years and boasts much higher production technology. It is. It has been hired by many companies so far, but we will continue to protect its high quality and continue to supply. "
Nishiyama's kiln will continue to light up to make the lives of people who use vessels.

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