Glass interior that originated in fisheries' floating balls

Creating glass that originated in the production of Ukidama in fisheries

Glass interior that originated in fisheries' floating balls

Tsugaru Biidoro, made in North Sea glass in Aomori Prefecture, is a traditional craftsmen born only because of its popular land. The roots of the glass making are in the fishery glass floating ball. The floating ball is colorless and transparent, but at one point, when the sand on the beach was mixed with the raw material, it was discovered that the glass was colored in deep green, which became the starting point for the colorful color of Tsugaru Dirty. It seems to.


"By making a" air blowing "that blows a glass while turning the rod in the air, it can make a durable floating ball that is hard to crack and durable. I want to make use of this technology for items that are closer to my daily life. "


Creating glass, which started with a floating ball, is now spreading to vases and tableware that blend into familiar life scenes.


Express the beauty of Aomori with a color variation that counts 120 colors

Glass interior that originated in fisheries' floating balls

Although it is a hard glass, it has a soft texture and a vivid color, but the biggest attraction is the richness of colored glass variations.


"I'm making about 120 colors of colored glass, but all color raw materials are developed and compounded by them, so there is no color that I can't make. I don't think there is any other factory worldwide. "


It seems that it was difficult to procure from other prefectures because of the inconvenient geographical conditions for transportation because of the inconvenient conditions for transportation. But that led to the creation of unique colored glass.


"I want to make use of the abundant colors to express the four seasons and landscapes of Aomori in glass. I would like to create things that can be attached to those who use it, and to strongly disseminate the regional nature of Aomori. I am "


Enjoy the illusion of the color that shocks the flame outdoors outdoors

 Among the many items of Tsugaru Biidoro, oil lamps are perfect for outdoor scenes. It is easy to carry with a small size and easy to carry, and you can spend more comfortably outdoors if you use an insect -resistant oil.


"The number of people who enjoy their own time while watching the flames, such as solo camps, are increasing. I want you to see the beauty of the lights on the lamp, as well as the color glass is reflected in the table."


Why don't you find your favorite favorite from various coloring and enjoy the outdoors night?



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