Expression of beautiful four seasons in Japan

Beautiful Japanese four chopsticks and chopsticks


Expression of beautiful four seasons in Japan


In Japan, spring, summer, autumn and winterFour seasonsThere is a natural coloring change in each season, and it makes various expressions easy. The Japanese have the custom to enjoy such rich four seasons through events and food. There is a season of "season" which is especially delicious every season that is harvested by vegetables, fruits, fish and shellfish, and so on.

In this project, in order to feel the charm of the foil in the day-to-day table, the beautiful four seasons of Japan which cannot be cut off by the food and the inspiration of Mr. Murata expressed in the color of the chopsticks.


Expression of beautiful four seasons in Japan

Enjoying flowers in spring

Cherry blossoms popular as Japanese spring flowers. It is also popular in Japanese coins, and is regarded as a national flower and symbol by the Japanese people. The cherry blossom blooming season has a high reputation for overseas people. Fuji is also famous as spring flowers. In the spring of the spring, the foil of the nuance color which imaged the flower was used, and the thin foil was attached to the luxury by the advanced technique to attach "thin" foil. You can enjoy the charm of the foil itself.


Enjoy the night sky

There is a culture to enjoy the beautiful night sky in Japan. One of the scenery of summer is fireworks. Today many Japanese wear yukata and enjoy the beauty of shining light. It was expressed by a special technique of Gakugei Kobo, performing beautiful steps of the summer night, and repeating the colors by repeating several layers of foil. You can enjoy the subtle, three-dimensional shine produced by traditional technique.


Autumn colors

The charm of autumn in Japan can be said to be beauty of red leaves. The historical temples and the emotional streets are dyed in red. It may be said that the beauty of the Japanese who is "beautiful, the simplicity, the silence" beautiful in the clear air that the color of nature transiently changes. In autumn chopsticks, "aging foil" made over time was used. The color of the foil which was made by the father of Mr. Murata that has been stored for posterity is changed by the chemical change of the silver foil. It is precious that has increased the brightness that is not other. You can feel wretched.


Enjoy the winter snow landscape

The natural scenery of Japan and the temples and shrines of temples and shrines show different expressions by the accumulation of snow. When the light of the sun pours in the state of snowfall, the scenery which rises in the snow is dyed in gold and dyed in blue in the shade, and the scenery which appears in the snow shows various colors. I expressed the image of the snow in the winter chopsticks, the camellia flowers which bloom in winter in Japan, and the warm lamp. This product is a combination of vivid foil and silver leaf and gold leaf "unryu (foil) foil" which is made of textile fiber.


 It is also attractive to change the depth of the light by the light source and the angle, and to change the depth to the depth by using the year. You can enjoy it as a special chopsticks for long.







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