Open the nature of Okinawa that continues to be grasped with a picture brush and express it #Manan Yamada

We talked to potter Makaman Yamada, who continues to make Yachimun, which is full of Okinawa's natural energy.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop
Masan Yamada was a painter, and he grew up in an environment with paint brushes and clay since childhood, and while playing there, it was a pottery that was interested in playing there. After studying under the late Tsuboya -yaki, Kohashi River Ei Masamasa, he opened a kiln in Yomitan Village in 1979. Since then, he is one of Okinawa's leading potterers who have held solo exhibitions not only in Japan but also overseas. When you visit the gallery in the Yachimun no Sato, where you can hold the workshop, you will be fascinated by the high -priced, but the natural energy of Okinawa is condensed.


[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.

Open the nature of Okinawa that continues to be grasped with a picture brush and express it #Manan Yamada

He says that what is inspired is the nature of Okinawa while making ceramics. Painting is performed outdoors, where light, wind movements, insects, and natural situations are transmitted, and while accepting the nature surrounding themselves, they are concentrated and releasing themselves and moving the brush.
"The plants that grew in the strong sunlight in Okinawa have vivid colors and the contours are clear. The fish swimming in the sea are the same and close to the primary colors. For people in Okinawan living with nature, unconsciously such colors. I think that the senses are soaked and affected naturally. It is basically the basics of yakimoto to constantly look at what you are familiar with is to express the whole thing. I think that each color and shape of the sky, the expression of the sea, the wind, the sunset, and the movement of the human be in the whole color and shapes are connected to the whole, and it is an expression when it is fused. "
What you see and feel in everyday life will stay in your memories and eventually become a work. The magnificent world feeling expressed in a vessel comes from every day to live while connecting with nature.


[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

Open the nature of Okinawa that continues to be grasped with a picture brush and express it #Manan Yamada

It is said that in the late 30s, he was pursuing plain beauty. The big turning point was the words "Please move forward all the way to what you want to do," by Sori Yanagi and Shigeo Suzuki of the Japanese folk art museum. Eventually, with a bright pigment, you will have a bold painting of brushes.
The representative work is "Red Picture", which is painted with red. Mr. Yamada, who likes the passionate red color of the earth, is full of energy, and is a fun work that is full of energy. Under the open sky of Okinawa, Mr. Yamada's vessel, which is produced while receiving the warm breeze, continues to attract people with the same paintings like that feeling.

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