Making a unique vessel that values ​​your sensitivity # Keita Kuni Right Gate Kiln

We talked to Keita Ichinose of the Kunii Right Gate kiln, who is creating a bowl that gives a relaxing time to everyday life, such as a cup where the taste of the drink becomes mellow just by pouring and mixing.

[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop

Making a unique vessel that values ​​your sensitivity # Keita Kuni Right Gate Kiln

The Kunimoto Gate kiln in Hasami -cho, Nagasaki Prefecture was opened by the first Kunishige Ichise in 1985. My father, Kunishige, produces vases, platters, and large bowls that are all hand -drawn, such as flower bird paintings and mountain water paintings. It seems that Ichise was born to be the eldest son of the pottery and decided to be a successor from the beginning.
30He took over the family business in the first half of the generation, but before that, he worked as a major manufacturer of Arita ware and was in charge of a kiln work. The technique of pottery is diverse, so I wore each technology. "
From the early 20s, in parallel with work2It is said that he studied with a traditional craftsman and modern masterpiece, acquired the technique of painting such as painting, and learned at another pottery to learn the technology of pottery.
Not only the beauty of painting and the warm handmade vessels, such as a beautiful cup with a Japanese modern pattern and a bowl with lovely animal expressions on a hill, as well as a special manufacturing method to make drinks mellow. We continue to create unique vessels.

[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.
What Ichise is conscious of for manufacturing is to avoid looking at books and design materials so that they are not bound by stereotypes.
"Because it is not similar to other people, I want to make something that stands out and attractive. Because manufacturing is boring."
When you are off, you often take a walk through the sea and mountains and touch nature. From the inspiration that springs naturally, a new vessel is formed.

[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

Making a unique vessel that values ​​your sensitivity # Keita Kuni Right Gate Kiln

The concept of Ichinose's manufacturing is "Relaxing vessel creation". The masterpiece, "Makora Cup Series", is a pottery made with a unique method of burning naturally derived minerals together. Just pouring and mixing drinks makes it a mysterious and mellow mouthfeel, and has a rich flavor. You can enjoy it.
1In order to heal the fatigue of the day, we developed to create vessels that are useful for a break. Because you can change the taste of tea, coffee, tea and alcohol, etc., it will be easier for people who are not good at black coffee or who are not able to take sugar much. "
I was particularly particular about the natural origin of mineral components such as vegetation.100It seems to be using %. It is also supported by research data that the drink inside becomes a mellow taste when the inside of the cup touches the inside of the cup.
"Some minerals have similar changes, but we know that natural -derived minerals are more secure and secure."
In the gallery, Ichinose himself brews coffee and asks him to try a drink in a mellow cup. The visitors say that they feel warm and feel comfortable, so Ichise's vessel has plenty of gentle care for users. understand.


[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future

Making a unique vessel that values ​​your sensitivity # Keita Kuni Right Gate Kiln

Mr. Ichise is said to be worried about the recent labor shortage of the ceramic industry. As a result, traditional manufacturing methods and hand -painted vessels are difficult to make, and there are many vessels created by the transfer and printing of the pattern.
"We are a small workshop that will fly if you blow, but we will continue to make one and only vessels in order to value tradition and convey the goodness of hand -drawn and hand -made vessels. I want to connect to people. "
Mr. Ichinose, who says, "I want to create a vessel that is not in the world," is challenging to create a new idea that combines pottery and metal material. They continue their daily ceremonies to take over the fusion of tradition and new technology to the next generation.

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