"Beautiful outdoor brands" that make use of craftsmanship to the world#artisan933 Akio Kihara

"Beautiful outdoor brands" that make use of hometown Takaoka craftsmanship to the world


Artisan933 is in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture2019It is an outdoor brand founded a year. Akio Kihara, the founder,25Old10During the year, I worked for an outdoor brand in the United States in Tokyo, and started a company related to apparel and outdoor in Tokyo, taking advantage of that experience. after that2As a base base, in Takaoka, my hometownartisan933I decided to start up.


"I am the eldest son, so I started to want to do filial piety in my hometown. I met a traditional craftsman in Takaoka that there were many wonderful traditional techniques in the local area. I am convinced that if this is used in outdoor items, a beautiful outdoor brand that no one has seen in the world will have never seen. "


The combination of outdoor equipment that requires "functionality", such as ease of use, and the added value of "beauty" of Takaoka's traditional crafts, an outdoor brand like art works was born.


"what's this? The discomfort is a hook that conveys the charm of traditional crafts

It is one of the typical itemsPEG O'HASHIThe appearance is exactly the iron peg itself when a tent is set up. When you pick it up, it is unexpectedly light and everyone is surprised that it is a wooden chopstick. Because of its special shape, mechanical production cannot be made, and by handicrafts of craftsmen1Like a watermark carving from the plate1Dedicated1It is made by shaving it.


"The work that the person who picks up thinks" What is this? "Is the craftsman who makes it," What's that? Laughs, "but I think it's most important for us to make it. I am. I hope to convey the depth of Toyama's cultural charm in the wake of the discomfort. "


The brass Sherra Cup has succeeded in using the color -specific chemical reaction of copper by using a traditional coloring technology by a traditional craftsman in Takaoka. Brass is a rare item that cannot be commercialized without a craftsmanship because it is easy to deform or damage due to heat during processing.



"At the same time as manufacturing, we are also focusing on producing campsites in Toyama to create a region. I want to go. "


How about "hospitality camp" with artistic outdoor equipment?

Brass shera cups that can be stacked and easy to carry, and light peg -shaped chopsticks are outdoors outdoors. In particular, the Shera Cup is just a good size to put in any dish, and is sometimes useful as a cup of wine and coffee.


"I want someone who spends together in the outdoors to use it with a hospitality. I'm glad if you can tell the manufacturing of Toyama from there," There are items like this. "


If you have a beautiful nature and an art item that is perfect for hiding its scenery, you should be able to enjoy a different camp.



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