a traditional crafts eating utensils that include the holiday season

At the end of the year, the holiday season is likely to have many opportunities to spend Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, with family members, friends, and partners, or even Japanese culture.
As represented by Christmas chicken, cakes, buckwheat noodles and New Year's Osechi, "Meals" improves the season and conversations with people who spend even more time.
And the dining of dishes, which is a dish of food, is an even more special feeling.This is a coordinator of Holidaysses, which incorporates traditional crafts of traditional crafts that are usually used for everyday use.


And you can see the products I've introduced here.

See the products you introduced

a family of family members, a faint Christmas table,

A wooden fork with a texture of earth and soil with a texture of soil and clay texture produced by 'Mino yaki Yuzan kiln' has an abbour in a wooden fork made by 'Kagawa lacquerware 87.5'.By decorating a plate on the plate and taking Christmas colors into the table, it is a warm coordination coordinator for Christmas dessert time.There are two sizes of cutlery in the fork, and you can choose to use the colors you like each other for your children and adults.


The tableware.
Yiyama Kiln Roi Plate L
Yushan Kiln Roi Plate S
Yuyama Kiln Mugu Cup
87.5 Children's fork
87.5 Dinner Fork


The Suiyama kiln tableware and 87.5 citralies are also used for dining and dining.



 Stylish Christmas Dinner

"Yamanaka lacquerware, Asada Urushi Crafts," has a glossy modern plate, bowl, cup, and glass.It is a masterpiece that has won a number of awards.I don't usually have a taste.special in stylishI'm going to be a Christmas dinner.
The colors are pink, green, gold and blue, and is a four-color expansion.The simple folds that cut off the wasteful waste are designed to draw food, the center of the plate is a natural woodcut design, and an accent is added to the table coordinated.This is a more gorgeous image by combining the silvercolor cross.
Fluglance Glass can cheat on the scent of the cypress of the woodland.Would you like to pour the champagne and drink it?


The tableware.
Asada-lacquerware-Crafted Craft-Wood Plate
-Asada-lacquerware-flared-lance glass
Asada Urushiki Utsumu Utsuno Kappa
-Asada lacquerware crafts-crafting bowl


Lunar New Year's Holiday


The utensils produced by 'Hasami-yaki Eibu kiln' are characterized by simple folks and cyonic shades, so they draw up a showy New Year's dishes.It is thinner, small dishes are easy to store, and they are also outfused.It is also suited for eating utensils, so it is ideal for dining with a large number of people.
With the chopsticks made by the foil produced by Hirohira MURATA, the author of "Nishijin brocade writer Murata Kohei," and "triangular" choko (triangular) made by "Ohashi Ryoki" (a triangular instrument), contemporary stylish is added to the traditional events.



The tableware.
Eimon kiln lime small dish
Eimine kiln 15cm rim dishes
Eibu kiln tea bowl
Hirohira MURATA, 23.5cm of katsukatsuhashikatsu-bashi
Ōhashi Kariki Suichoko



a graceful New Year's Day

Only a large bowl of rice with a rich variety of osechi dishes is served on a large plate made by Takashi SUZUKI, and the table for eleging eleges is completed.Takashi SUZUKI, who has the essence of the sum, is combined with the Utsuwa of "Asada lacquer crafts and the right Emon kiln," and the sum of the elegance is even more elegant.

It's a special glaze-based processing that makes it glossless and glazed.Kokumon kilnIn the cup, you pour your favorite drink.


The tableware.
Ryakukan sauces: 24 cm in Haiyu
Takumi Suzuki, Haigyu plate, 12 cm
-Asada lacquerware craftszelkova, Japanese zelkova
The Black Hinden Free Cup of the Right Emon kiln


a dish of delightful secs in the appearance of a soy sauce dish

Karatsu kiln is a kiln of 'Karatsu ware Kentaro kiln' (Karatsu pottery), which produces an honest organ that melts in everyday life.The tasty soy-saucer, which feels history, is good for the New Year's dishes.There is also the pleasure of combining dishes with a variety of traditional varieties of Karatsu ware.It is also recommended to use Japanese sweets.


The tableware.
Kentaro Kiln kiln: Seagnetic platter
Kentaro kiln: EKaratsu small plate
Kentaro kiln: Kara Karatsu platter
Kentaro Kiln kiln: Flowers of karatsunotsuka.
Kentaro Yao-Kara-Yaku-no-sauca
Kentaro Kiln kiln: Spot-spotted small pan-shaped dish
Kentaro (Kentaro) kiln kiln (small)



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