The motif of a new lacquer ware is from the nature of nature #Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts Akihiko Asada

We talked to Akihiko Asada (Haruhiko) of Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts, which produces a modern color use that suits his current life and a sophisticated design lacquerware.


[1] About the trigger of pursuing the path of crafts, the background of your own, the history and formation of the workshop

The motif of a new lacquer ware is from the nature of nature #Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts Akihiko Asada

Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture, has evolved a traditional craftsman, Yamanaka lacquerware, into a casual lacquerware that suits his current life.4After graduating from high school, Akihiko Asada studied lacquer and wood technology in Kyoto.22At the age of year, I entered the family business and learned the basics of lacquerware, from potter's wheels to painting, lacquer painting.
"Our history is1912In the year, the first Asada Kyoukaku began as a craftsman, a craftsman who manufactures woodworking using a potter's wheel. That3Human sons also studied in Kyoto work and learned the technology of wood, and supported the demand during the high growth period with brothers.1977The current Asada lacquerware craft was established in the year3I'm Takashi Asada, the current president. After training at a wholesaler to deploy lacquer ware in the mountains nationwide, I started working from manufacturing to sales. "
In recent years, while demand for traditional black and vermilion lacquerware has been sluggish, the lacquer ware brand is easy to use because of the desire to make use of new technologies and create vessels that fit your current life.ASADALaunch. A new sense of lacquerware that incorporates modern vivid colors and sophisticated and sophisticated shapes while protecting the traditional techniques of Yamanaka lacquerware that values ​​wood and wood grain. increase.


[2] What you are working on and conscious to stimulate your five senses.

The motif of a new lacquer ware is from the nature of nature #Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts Akihiko Asada

The expression of the "Utsuroi" series, which is a representative work of Asada lacquerware crafts, the four seasons in Ishikawa Prefecture, with metallic paint, and the expression of "Murakumorikuri", which captures Japanese candle soot into a container. Akihiko says that it is born from touching the rich nature around.

"The Yamanaka Onsen where I live is literally in the mountains. In the natural environment, there is no same shape or pattern. I am making it to be a good lacquerware. "
The landscape of the rice fields and mountains spreads around the workshop, and snow is accumulated in winter.1mIt is said that it is also a close snowfall area.ASADAThe lacquer ware is a copy of the natural expression that changes every moment.


[3] What you value and commitment in the work production, what you want to convey through the work and what you want to fulfill

Lacquerware has a gorgeous and high -end image, but Asada lacquerware lacquer ware evolves into a friendly tableware that fuses Western -style design and Japanese taste, which suits Western food such as pasta and hamburgers. doing.
"The emphasis is to make a simple and easy -to -use lacquerware. The new products will be used first, brushing up the usage, and then releasing them. Sometimes you make a decision not to sell things that are hard to use without being. "
In addition, Akihiko, etc., on Instagram, etc., in order to cherish the contact with customers.SNSThen, I post myself and send information.
"It is important not to neglect to deliver the creator's voice to the customer. We strive to convey why the shape and color and the story about the work are properly conveyed."
If you take the desire for the work that the author talks, you will feel more lacquered in your hand.


[4] What we are trying to inherit traditional technology and culture and what we want to challenge in the future

The motif of a new lacquer ware is from the nature of nature #Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts Akihiko Asada
The motif of a new lacquer ware is from the nature of nature #Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts Akihiko Asada

Among the same crafts in Ishikawa Prefecture, Wajima is the one that boasts a nationwide recognition. Akihiko has the desire to make the Yamanaka lacquer ware famous so that it can be a little closer to it.
"There are many craftsmen in the mountains that have not yet been exposed to the sun. By developing a discerning vessel that makes use of that technique, the name of the excellent craftsmen can be spread, and the young craftsmen can be handed over to work. I want to do it. I would like to create a place where you can announce the works of young craftsmen and enliven the production area. "
In response to that thought, young creators from all over the country have gathered to learn the manufacturing of Yamanaka lacquerware, and activities to connect traditional techniques to the future have begun.

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