Meals after the New Year to enjoy with traditional crafts

How did you spend the New Year?

The new year is a time when you can easily feel tradition and culture, such as going out to Hatsumode or eating osechi dishes. Even after the new year, we will introduce traditional crafts and meals and table coordination to enjoy.

Once you incorporate traditional crafts into your life, you will naturally be attached, and you will have a deep knowledge of traditional crafts, leading to the richness of life from the perspective of things. If you are using traditional crafts as well as those who have not been able to work in traditional crafts, please take them into your life.


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Nanakusa to eat with lacquerware that is attached

The seven herbs that eat in the first festival of the year, "Human Day" are YuniThere is a wish to be able to be a disease -free disaster. While living styles without lacquerware become common, you can enjoy it deeply, including culture, by eating it with lacquerware, a traditional craft. Combined with a relaxed form, cups and vetch created by "Asada Lacquer Ware Crafts and 87.5", it will be a relaxed Japanese dining table.


・ Asada lacquerware crafts Tamayura Bowl Akane
・ Asada lacquerware crafts Tamayura Cup
・ 87.5



Japanese sweets time to enjoy like art to enjoy in the New Year

After Christmas, the dining table is from the WesternJapaneseIn the scenery. A dish of "Kyoto KIWAKOTO", which creates a good table coordination with a gentle curve of flowers. If you put a traditional Japanese sweets on a small plate, it will be a hospitality dish easily. Find your preference from the abundant flower shape, color, and size.


Kiwakoto Yuri Snow



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