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Pola Orbis Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is the official online store operated by the Company(https://serendouce-crafts.com, Hereafter, it is called "this service")The terms of use ofSerendouce Crafts Online Shopterms of service(The following is called "Terms of Use")Is as follows.


Article 1 Application of terms and conditions, etc.

1. These Terms of Use are generally used by customers (browsing information on this service and transactions such as purchasing products with the Company via this Service. ) This is the specified conditions applied. In addition to these Terms of Use, the Company is a guide (https://serendouce-crafts.myshopify.com/pages/%E3%81%94%E5%88%A9%E7%94%A8%E3%82%AC%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89) And individual rules, etc. may be specified separately, and these are also applied to the use of this service.

2. In this service,Serendouce CraftsYou can purchase the product as a member (hereinafter referred to as a "member") or a guest (hereinafter referred to as "guest") without registering as a member. Members and guests will be obliged to comply with the Terms of Use, so please fully understand the contents of these Terms before using this service. When this service is used, it is deemed that the terms of use and the Company have agreed that it will follow the items specified separately.


Article 2 Change of Terms of Use

1.In the case of any of the following, we shall be able to change the contents of these Terms of use as appropriate.

(1) When that change complies with your general interests

(2) When the change is in a reasonable range, regardless of the purpose of the contract under these Terms of Use.

2. When changing the contents of these Terms of Use, we will inform you in advance in the appropriate method, such as publishing the contents of the changed terms and the effects of the effects on the service on this service. However, the changes that require customer consent by law shall be obtained in the changes and consent in the company prescribed.


Article 3 Changes in this service, etc.

We can change and abolish the content regarding the service without the prior consent of the customer.


Article 4 member registration / guest purchase information registration

1. If you wish to use this service, you need to agree to the Terms of Use and apply for a guest purchase after applying for a member registration or registering information. In addition, it is possible to apply for membership registration or guest purchase application only by the person, and cannot be registered on behalf of the person. In the case of a minor, it is necessary to apply for these registration with the consent of the statutory agent.

2. Those who can register as a member or apply for a guest for this service will be the individual who lives in Japan.

3. When applying for membership or applying for guests, we will register information on your address, name, phone number, etc. to respond smoothly to the delivery of the product and the subsequent inquiries. If you change the registered information, please notify us by the company separately.

4. The membership registration procedure is completed when the Company accepts the application set forth in Paragraph 1.

5. If we determine that any of the following corresponds, we may refuse to apply for membership registration or apply for guests, or cancel the consent even after consent (forced to withdraw). note that.

(1) When it does not match any of the provisions of Paragraph 1 and 2

(2) If you violate any of the Terms of Use

(3) In the past, membership has been canceled due to violation of these Terms of Use, etc.

(4) When false information or third -party information is used

(5) When we judge that there is a risk of corresponding to the preceding paragraphs

(6) In addition, if the Company determines that it is inappropriate as a member or guest


Article 5 Purchase of products, etc.

1. When the customer applies for purchasing a product using this service, except in the case of another provision, when the Company reports that he will accept the application for the application, the customer and the company. A sales contract for the product will be concluded.

2. Delivery of products by this service is limited to addresses in Japan. In addition, it is not possible to specify a transfer company overseas as a delivery destination.


Article 6 Return / Exchange of Product

1. We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer's convenience. Customers agree to this in advance.

2. In the following cases, we are receiving the product.6We will accept returns and exchanges of the product only if you tell us within the day. At this time, we will exchange it for the same product if the product is in stock, and if there is no stock, we will respond to refunds.

(1) When the quality of the product does not meet the contents of the sales contract of the product, such as large scratches and dirt not listed on the publication page.

(2) When a product that is different from the order content arrives

(3) If damage is approved during delivery

3. If you decide that it is necessary to return or exchange, we shall be notified of the company in accordance with the procedure specified separately, and will be responsible for returning or exchanging items, and the cost of returning or exchanging items shall be borne by the Company. I will do it.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any quality, performance and other conformity of the products sold in this service, the damage, disadvantages caused by this, and the damage caused by this.


Article 7 Handling of personal information

1. We have personal information collected by customers (in addition to registered names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc., transactions collected through this service, usage history, questionnaire results, browsing history on the Internet, behavioral information,CookieIncluding identifiers, inquiries and consultations, etc., hereinafter referred to as "personal information") will be handled based on "handling of personal information" (●) separately specified by the Company. Please click the link and check the contents of "Handling of personal information" before applying for a member or applying for a guest.

2. The Company will share the personal information collected from customers, use the kana processing information, and share the use of kana processing information. These are also published in the "Handling of personal information" in the preceding paragraph, so please check.


Article 8 Overseas relocation of personal information

This service isShopify Commerce Singapore Pte. LTD.(Less than"ShopifyIs provided)ECWe use platform servicesShopifyWe will provide your personal information. Customers agree to this in advance.

Shopify Commerce Singapore Pte. LTD.about】

・ Location: Singapore

・ System on Singapore's personal information protection:


ShopifySystem for protecting personal information

ShopifyPrivacy policy (https://www.shopify.com/jp/legal/privacy)Please confirm.

ShopifyThe acquired personal information is stored on the server located in the United States.


Article 9 CookieAcquisition and use of information linked to identifiers such as

1.Cookie(Cookie) is a text -style information stored on a website sent from the website when browsing the website. In addition, web beacon is a mechanism in which the customer sends information when viewing the page or e -mail by embedding a small image in a web page or e -mail. On this website,Cookie, Web beacon or similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as ""Cookie"Etc." is used to save and use customer information. Customers, depending on the browser settingsCookieYou can refuse, but if you refuse, we will accept in advance that some services may not be received.

2. The Company is a data management platform operated by a third party (DMP) From)CookieGet information such as the browsing history of the web (including the browsing history of the web but is not limited) and the analysis results, etc. We may use it for the purpose of planning and operating campaigns, advertising distribution, marketing activities, etc., and we agree with this.


Article 10 Providing personal information in advertising activities, using plongives, etc.

In order to provide guidance on products, services, campaigns, etc., we advertise related to advertising operators (SNS management businesses, web service management businesses, etc.) that provide advertising distribution activities to users operated by the company. I may use the service. In this case, the Company, part of the customer's personal information (identifier, telephone number,EAfter providing e -mail addresses, etc.), the business operator is combined with the personal information provided by the Company and the data owned by the business operator, linking or combining it with the person, and performing the company. We may have you distribute advertisements and send various guidance to customers, and we agree with this.


Article 11 Personal information storage period

1. We will store and manage your personal information properly.

2. The Company is a member who cannot continue to use the Service for a long time in order to operate the service smoothly and to prevent the use of this service for a long time in order to fully operate the Service for the appropriate maintenance and leakage of the member's personal information. The information of members who have violated or have violated the past can be erased arbitrarily without notifying the member at the discretion of the Company, and in this case, the member has withdrawn from the deletion. will do.

3. The Company shall be able to argue that guest information from the Company's discretion will be eliminated without notifying guests at our discretion, in order to operate this service smoothly to the appropriate maintenance and leakage of the guests. increase.

4. Erase customer information in a safe way prescribed by the Company.


Article 12 Inquiries

If you are requesting disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. regarding personal information, or contacting the following services, please contact the following address.EWe will contact you by email. (Except if the procedure is defined on the website for this service)

We shall respond promptly within a reasonable range after verifying your identity.



Article 13 withdrawal procedures

If a member wants to withdraw, please do it.


Article 14 Login name, email address, password management

1. The customer has any responsibility for login names, email addresses, and password management and use. In the event of an error in use or unauthorized use of a third party, the customer shall be responsible, and we shall not be liable for any reasons to be responsible for itself. increase.

2. Customers shall not transfer, buy and sell, or lends the login name, e -mail address, and password, and are used for login names, email addresses, and passwords, or for third parties. If it is found to be what it is or it is, it shall immediately contact us about it, and if there is an instruction from the Company, we shall follow this.

3. If you have a login name, email address, password fraud, false information input, etc. are confirmed, we are. These use may be stopped.


Article 15 Prohibition of transfer and lending

You shall not transfer, buy and sell, or lending to third parties regarding the rights and obligations of this service.


Article 16 prohibited matters

Customers shall not give the following items: In addition, if the customer performs any of the following acts, the customer shall compensate for the damage caused by the Company due to this.

(1) Acts that violate these Terms of Use and other matters separately determined by the Company

(2) Usage acts that deviate from normal use

(3) Acts that cause annoying companies or other customers

(4) Acts that interfere with the business of the Company or third party

(5) Acts that infringe the trademark rights, copyrights, privacy and other rights of the Company or third party

(6) Application for member registration or guest purchase with false information or third -party information, use of this service

(7) Orders with false contents (including returns and exchanges, etc.), orders under the name of others, or acts to cooperate with them

(8) Membership registration for resale, resale, and other profit, use of this service (including products, samples, etc.)

(9) Acts leading to crime

10) Unauthorized use of other people's personal information, login name, password, credit card information, etc.

11) Acts that violate laws and regulations, or contrary to public order and morals

12) Acts that may occur in each of the above items

13) Other acts that we rationally judge inappropriately inappropriate


Article 17 Restrictions of transactions, contract cancellation, membership cancellation, etc.

1. If the customer falls under any of the following, the Company shall be able to restrict transactions, refuse transactions, cancel sales contracts, cancel membership (forced withdrawal processing), etc. without prior notice to the customer.

(1) If you violate these Terms of Use and other matters specified by the Company

(2) If there is a delay or default of the payment of payments, etc.

(3) If you cannot pay by card by applying by card payment

(4) When a minor is registering, guest purchase or order without the consent of a statutory agent

(5) Phone,FaxEIf you cannot contact by the means of communication notified by customers, such as email

(6) If you can not answer inquiries from us

(7) If an order that exceeds the normal quantity and the reason is not clear

(8) If we decide that normal transactions are difficult due to unknown reports or long -term absence, etc.

(9) If you die

(10) In addition, if our company is rationally judged that the customer's credit situation is deteriorating or the customer has performed inappropriate acts.

2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be damaged by damages regarding individual contracts established with the customer if any of the following is the following.(Postponement), Or you can cancel the contract.

(1) When the product cannot be delivered within a normal period due to some reason, such as out of stock or outbreak defective products.

(2) Natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, government agency orders, large trends of infectious diseases, interruption, delay / stopped data due to disability, system maintenance, etc. such as communication lines and computers, etc., unauthorized access, When it is not possible to deliver within a normal period due to incidents where we do not have the reason for the reason for the transportation agency and the turmoil of logistics.

3. We are not liable for any disadvantages or damage to the customer due to the measures in the preceding paragraphs in the preceding paragraphs.


Article 18 Trademark, copyright, link, etc.

1. All trademarks displayed on the website for the Service shall belong to a third party who has given the Company or the Company with license or other legitimate authority. Customers must not use these without permission.

2. All rights, including the copyright of the content published on the Service website, shall belong to a third party who has given our license or other legitimate authority. Customers must not reprint, copy, modify, distribute, or use the contents of the website for this service.

3. If you set a link to the service website, you shall obtain our prior consent.


Article 19 Disposal items

1. The Company carefully manage and create information on the website for this service, but does not guarantee any accuracy and integrity, but the customer is disadvantaged due to the information. We are not responsible for any damages.

2. Regarding the product images posted on the website for this service, the accuracy is as accurate as possible, but the color and shape may differ from the actual product depending on the conditions of the customer's display. The customer shall accept this in advance.

3. If we determine that it is necessary, we will be able to interrupt, delay, or abolish this service, and will not be liable for any disadvantages or damage as a result (computer, computers. If it is difficult to operate the service due to failure, suspension, power outage, natural disasters, etc. of network equipment, etc., it is included due to maintenance work, but not limited to these).

4. We are not responsible for the use of this service, regardless of the cause of the legal claim, for the use of this service, for the damage, loss, and disadvantages caused by our customers from the reason we should not return it to our blame.

5. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, we are not responsible for any damages caused by the failure of this service.

6. Even if we are responsible for the use of this service, the range of normal damage that has actually occurred to our customers(No special damage and lost profits are included)Only, we will be liable for compensation. However, this section does not apply if the damage is caused by the intentional or serious negligence of the Pohosei.

7. If the customer causes damage to a third party due to the use of this service, the customer will solve it at our own responsibility and cost, except for the reason to be returned to our company. We will not bother you at all.

8. When changing the password of the member, the Company shall perform the identity verification in the designated method, and will be exempted unless there is an error in the method.


Article 20 Burning and responsibility for facilities, etc.

You shall prepare your own expenses and responsibility for personal computers, mobile terminals, telecommunications equipment, telephone usage contracts, Internet lines, etc. required to use this service. In addition, even if the customer suffers disadvantages or damage due to incorrect operation of these equipment and lines, fraud, hacking, malfunction, etc., we have any reason to be blamed to the Company. We are not responsible.


Article 21 Notification

For contact, notifications, etc. from our company regarding this service, etc.ESend an email to an email address, post it on the website for this service, or in a way that uses the other Company to be appropriate.


Article 22 Formulation Law / Judge

1. The Terms of Service and the compliant law on this service shall be Japanese law.

2. Regarding any dispute (including mediation procedures) regarding the use of these Terms of Use and the Service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.



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