Notice published in croissants released on December 25, 2021

It is Serendouce Crafts that proposes modern beauty and comfort living with traditional crafts.
Held in 2021He appeared at a limited event and Instagram in the "Manufacturing Manufacturing that leads to the future" exhibition,Nishijin Ori -foil shop "complex workshop" third generation, Murata, a driver's foil writerKohei is fascinatedThe beauty of drag foil was introduced by Chitose Matsumoto, a beauty editor.
Traditional crafts are not worth the beauty of their appearance. At the Croissant No.1059 released on December 25,Pull -foilYou can know the depth of. Please take a look. You can also see the valuable Instagram that Kohei Murata demonstrated in the archive.
Instagram: Nishijin OrihawkfiDemonstration & talk
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