Yachimun, full of natural energy in Okinawa#Manan Yamada

Manaman Yamada, one of Okinawa's leading potters.When you visit a gallery in Yachimun no Sato, where you have a workshop, you will be fascinated by the formal and energy -filled work.

It is said that in the late 30s, he was pursuing plain beauty. The words from Sori Yanagi and Shigeo Suzuki of the Japanese Folk Art Museum, "Please move forward for what you want to do," became a big turning point, and painted boldly with vivid pigments. It will be a great current style. Painting is performed outside the light, wind movement, insect sound, and natural situation, and concentrate, open yourself, and accept the nature that surrounds yourself.

The representative work is a red picture painted with red. The dynamic brush brushes and the rich color sensation are full of energy, and it is a fun work just looking at it. Mr. Yamada who likes passionate red color is also the color of the earth. It is said that if you make it in the open sky of Okinawa and the warm breeze, your feelings and painting will be easier.


Yachimun, full of natural energy in Okinawa#Manan Yamada


He says that what is inspired by the nature of Okinawa in the pottery.

"The plants that grew in the strong sunlight in Okinawa have vivid colors and the contours are clear. The fish swimming in the sea are the same and close to the primary colors. For people in Okinawan living with nature, unconsciously such colors. I think that the senses are soaked and affected naturally. It is basically the basics of yakimoto to constantly look at what you are familiar with is to express the whole thing. I think that each color and shape, such as the sky, the expression of the sea, the wind, the sunset, and the movement of the human beings, are connected to the whole, and it will be an expression when it is fused. "

Why do not you touch a work that feels the natural energy of Okinawa that springs out?

Yachimun, full of natural energy in Okinawa#Manan Yamada



He is active in Japan, as well as overseas, and his work has been highly evaluated. The work that weaves the bold brush brushes and rich colors that comes out of the sensitivity that springs out naturally is highly called modern Yachimun.
Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.
Studied under the late Kohashikawa River Ei Masamasa, representing the postwar Tsuboya grill.
In 1975, a solo exhibition was held in San Antonio, Texas.
In 1979, a nine climbing kiln, Yomitaniyama kiln, was opened in Yomitan, Nakagami -gun, Okinawa Prefecture.
In 1984, he received the Japan Folk Arts Exhibition Encouragement Award.
In 1986, he won the Japan Folk Art Award.



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