[Kickstarter Publication No. 5] and Features of the 'Little Lotto' and 'Nabashiki' (The Prawpot) (the first part)

Let' s take a concrete explanation of where the 'Small Lotto' and 'Nabashiki' in the 'Iwayado-tansu' are excellent.


① We are using natural materials

The "Little Lotto" and "Nabashiki" materials in the "Iwayado-tansu" are made of natural oyaki and kiri, which are used in the mountains of Iwate and Iwate Prefecusts.

The original tree, which is cut from the mountain, has been laid down for several years, and then it is natural drying for a long period of time after it is made.

In addition, the interior of the drawers is beautifully wooded, and the unwax wood of a strand without a strand is used.

After the selection, the wood with time and room is a material for 'Small Lotto' and 'Nabashiki' in the ' Iwayado-tansu. '


2. The manufacturing process for 'Iwayado-Tansu' is three stages.

The production process for "Iwayado-tansu"

(1) The main body of ' kikuchi tsuburi '

* Video or multiple images show how you work

 (2) Urushi lacquer

* Video or multiple images show how you work

(3) Production and installation of fittings

* Video or multiple images show how you work

The production process is divided into the three, and each of the craftsmen is in charge of production.

It is also a feature of the production of 'Iwayotansu,' which is the 'woodcutter' process, which is the life of tansu, and 'Kitori' (wooden cutting), processing, assembly and so on, which are made out of materials from wood, and each craftsman in charge of each process is consistently responsible.


③ A craftsman who inherits tradition1Point-by-hand

He is a craftsman of the company of the Iwatani-do Tansu Seisakusho who inherited the tradition of 240 years.

Many of them are qualified as traditional craftsmen certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The 'Little Lotto' and 'Nabashiki' in the 'Iwayado-tansu' are made by such artisans, so they differ from mass production, all of which are made of one and only products.


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