[Kickstarter public special coverage No. 1] "Iwayado-tansu"

Traditional crafts in Iwate Prefecture, designated by the government, ' Iwayadotansu. '

It is a high-end furniture that can be used more than 100 years, with the ability to firmly protect the expropriated goods in the elegant, hot and humid climate, such as the quality of the art.

"Sendai Tansu" (Sendai Tansu) and "Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu" and Iwayado-tansu, one of the representative tansu (Japanese tansu), painted in natural wood such as keyaki and kiri, which were cut from mountains, and painted "lacquer" produced from local and Iwate prefectures, which is a plant-derived painting, and also a gorgeous ornament made by metal fittings of traditional Japanese art crafts, "Nanbu Iron Works."

 On Kickstarter this time, we have prepared a compact, convenient storage "small drawer" as a product that can be easily purchased while taking advantage of the attraction of the Iwayado-tansu, and "pan-caved" which is essential for the tableware.

The craftsman from the company was founded in 1782 by the craftsman of the Iwatani-do Tansu Co., Ltd.

It has the weight of 240 years of tradition, but it is a "small drawer" and a "pan cover" of the Iwayado-tansu, which has a high design that matches modern housing.In everyday life, an anecdote that enables you to feel the convenience and beauty is rolling out with a kickstarter limited color.

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