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LINNE CHIBI S size compatibility

LINNE CHIBI S size compatibility

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■ Product description
A sound made by applying the alloy technology that contains tin to the limit of copper and tin, used for Buddhist tools. By increasing the ratio of tin to the limit, a dignified and dignified tone is echoed. It is a gem that you want to incorporate into your life scene in your favorite style, such as a scene where you want to calm down, a scene where you want to increase your concentration, and self -meditation.

■ Product information
・ Size: Orin: Approximately 2cm in diameter
・ If you have a knot, not the upper part of the Kumimi string, and shake it lightly, it will make it easier to sound and sound.
・ Because it is manufactured by hand one by one, there are differences in color, shape, size, and tone.
・ Sanori's alloy changes over time to deeper colors over time. Sometimes if you wipe your fingerprints with a towel, it will change to a more uniform candy color.
・ The rough surface is the characteristic of traditional casting processing. Please enjoy the unique personality and time of handmade
・ Please note that if a strong impact is applied, it may break or crack.
・ There is a makeup box


■ Introduction of the creator
LINNE is a brand that has been launched by Nanjo Kobo, which has a history of more than 180 years of its founding and produces mainly by Oorin Sami, which is used as a Buddhist tool, to feel the sound of Orin. "Saari" is an alloy used in Shosoin treasures in the old days, and has sublimated traditional techniques into the current lifestyle.

User Guide

[Before purchasing]
Because it is handmade, the texture and size may differ from the photo or notation. Also, please note that the texture may differ from the photo depending on the terminal and the environment you use. In addition, please check the contents of the product information before purchasing.

【payment method】
You can use the following payment method. American Express, Apple Pay, JCB, MasterCard, Visa

After the order is confirmed, we will ship within 3 business days.


[Cancellation / change of order]
In principle, we do not accept cancellations and changes after ordering. When ordering, please check the contents carefully before purchasing.


【about shipping cost】
It is 880 yen (including tax) nationwide.

* Okinawa is 1980 yen (tax included).


It does not support gift wrapping and bonito paper.


Inspections of the stuff are made thoroughly, but we will only replace them if there is the following defect. If there is no stock, we will respond to refund. In the following cases, we will bear the shipping cost.

・ When something different from the order content arrives
・ If damage is found at the time of delivery

Please contact us within 7 days from the delivery date. In addition, please cooperate with providing photos for confirmation of facts and storing them.

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