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Aizen Kiln Toban Grill Solo

Aizen Kiln Toban Grill Solo

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■ Product description
HIME series born from Hasamiyaki, which is excellent for daily use. A grilled ceramic plate that can be used at home and home (Home). It can be used on both sides, which are suitable for grilling and baking ingredients that are easy to roll, and the umami of ingredients such as meat. It is a multi -use ceramic plate that is easy to clean and easy to care for, but makes you feel a little special.


■ Product information
・ Size: Long side 22.7cm, short side 9.7cm x height 1.7cm
・ Specifications: microwave oven [possible] dishwasher [possible] Open fire / gas
・ Because it is handmade, the texture and size may be slightly different.
・ After use on a bonfire or charcoal, wash with a detergent with a sponge or a golden scallop. If you continue to use it on charcoal fire or bonfire, soot will be soot. Please enjoy it as a taste unique to ceramics

・ There is a makeup box

■ Introduction of the creator
Aizen kiln with the motto of "Good Life Maker"We propose your own story and lifestyle. Developing a new lifestyle in collaboration with a local ceramic technology center, we continue to challenge even in Hasamiyaki, which is rooted in the daily dining table.

* JOURNAL:Challenge to make pottery a cooking gear for outdoor
* JOURNAL:A new idea clay pot & ceramic plate with a "defeated" visited in the land of Hasami

User Guide

[Before purchasing]
Because it is handmade, the texture and size may differ from the photo or notation. Also, please note that the texture may differ from the photo depending on the terminal and the environment you use. In addition, please check the contents of the product information before purchasing.

【payment method】
You can use the following payment method. American Express, Apple Pay, JCB, MasterCard, Visa

After the order is confirmed, we will ship within 3 business days.


[Cancellation / change of order]
In principle, we do not accept cancellations and changes after ordering. When ordering, please check the contents carefully before purchasing.


【about shipping cost】
It is 880 yen (including tax) nationwide.

* Okinawa is 1980 yen (tax included).


It does not support gift wrapping and bonito paper.


Inspections of the stuff are made thoroughly, but we will only replace them if there is the following defect. If there is no stock, we will respond to refund. In the following cases, we will bear the shipping cost.

・ When something different from the order content arrives
・ If damage is found at the time of delivery

Please contact us within 7 days from the delivery date. In addition, please cooperate with providing photos for confirmation of facts and storing them.

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